4th Halal Products Exhibition shows the Biased Attitude of the Organisers

4th Halal Expo , Istanbul , TurkeyJNN 10 Sept 2013 Istanbul : The International Halal and Healthy Food Fair held in Istanbul Fair Center (CNR Expo) began on Thursday.Over 100 companies with 200 brands took part in the fair in the fields of food, cosmetics, medical and cleaning supplies, fashion textile and modest dress, pilgrimage materials 

At least 100 companies with 200 brands took part in the fair in the fields of food, cosmetics, medical and cleaning supplies, fashion textile and modest dress, pilgrimage materials.

The Analyst have Put a Question Mark to the claims of the organizers of Unity among Muslims through such events where a Major Jurisprudence of the Muslims Sects the Jafri Jurisprudence was not Invited or was even being given the Place in the Logo , where four other sects were represented , while the 5th was not given a Place , which shows the Bias of the Organisers , and shows the Influence of the Western Powers , on whose behalf such Organisation are being made to give a way for the Big Western Multi Nationals so they can Play a big game in the Most Emerging Market , and they can benefit , instead of the Muslims , who should be the sole Beneficiary as they are being Out classed on Religious Grounds through out the World Economic Forums.

The Leader of the the Jafri School of thought , which is Named after the 6th Imam of the Shia Sect , who was even the Teacher of the Leaders of the Other Jurisprudence of Islam , as they have been taking lessons in his School . Before Writing their Interpretations of the Islamic Jurisprudence , but due to the western and Wahabi Saudi influence the Organizer have avoided to add the Major and authenticated Sect of Islam , and thus losing the claims of Unity and the Flag bearer of the True Virtues of Islam

Meanwhile, Halal Products Research Institute (GIMDES) will organize the 6th International Halal and Healthy Food Conference in Istanbul to be held on Saturday to discuss the problems of “Halal Certifiers” across the world.

In the conference, manufacture and trade problems of halal and healthy products and its resolution proposals for Muslims and non-Muslim countries, investigations of medicine and cosmetic raw material on the aspects of Islamic perspective, Halal slaughter opinions of Muslims across the world, consumption risks for transgenic and genetically modified organisms in Islam and health viewpoint will be discussed.

The guest speakers from various regions such as Europe, United States and Asian countries will make their presentations at the conference.

The participants of the conference have been working in different disciplines such as food-industry, academics, government, and trade.

Producers of halal goods — products that are in compliance with Islamic halal standards — from different countries should put aside tough competition in dominating the global halal market and start to cooperate to ensure their products’ are in compliance with halal standards under a global umbrella organization, the head of a Turkish union said on Thursday.

Producers should unite under a single global entity to produce a set of guidelines in manufacturing halal products, said Turkey’s Association for the Inspection and Certification of Food and Supplies (GİMDES) President Hüseyin Kamil Büyüközer, speaking at the opening of the İstanbul Halal Expo, which will run through the weekend. The global trade volume of halal goods is estimated to be at around $1 trillion.

“The plan of having global standardization in halal-product processing was brought up many years ago, but we still can’t achieve the goal due to government competitiveness in dominating the market,” Büyüközer said.

“All countries producing halal products must unite under a single entity to make sure the manufacturing of products is in compliance with Islamic teaching,” he added.

Büyüközer said that by standardizing the production halal products, it will be easier for consumers to choose between halal and non-halal goods.

“Jewish communities in foreign countries have established a global set of rules to make sure their food consumption is in compliance with their religion. If they can have the global market following their needs, I don’t see any reason why Muslims cannot establish the same thing,” he said.

The union head said that each country should have its own representatives to discuss the terms for standardization so that everyone can have an equal share in the market.

“Although the global Muslim population is divided into different sects, we still follow the same laws that are written in the Quran when it comes to halal production. Thus, it will be easier for us to keep everyone on the same page,” he said.

Regarding halal products manufactured by non-Muslim countries, Büyüközer said that Muslim countries should organize a group to oversee the production of non-Muslim countries’ halal products.

“If we can reach this goal of standardization, our consumers can be assured that the product they buy is halal, even if it is manufactured by non-Muslim countries,” Büyüközer said.


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