Shiites demand representation in New constitution amendment committe of Egypt

Egyptian Shia Sayed T. Al HashimiJNN 10 Sept 2013 Cairo : Sayed T. Al Hashimi, a top Shiite figure, criticized not giving the Shiites any representation in the 50-member committee to amend the 2012 constitution.
He said that Shiites have presented many sacrifices for Egypt, including martyrs, under the Muslim Brotherhood rule, and should participate in drafting the constitution of their beloved country.

Al Hashimi also denounced giving seats to the ultra conservative party, Salafi / Wahabi al-Nour, from which many terrorist groups have descended.

Cairo was built during the Fatimid Shia dynasty that ruled Egypt in the 10th century. Shrines and holy sites like that of Al-Sayeda Nafisa are spread everywhere in the historical parts of the capital and remain a source of comfort and strength to Shia and Sufis.

“We built it, we will stay in it, and so will our sons and grandsons,” said Al Hussieny in a resilient tone.

But at Present Many Shias prefer to practice their faith under the umbrella of Sufism,” said Alatfy. Sufism, he said, provides a tolerant safe haven while carrying a more socially and politically acceptable label.

There is no law that prohibits one from being Shia, but police and prosecutors  have chosen from a variety of “disrespecting religion,” and “disrupting the social harmony” charges that can be stretched to fit anyone who belongs to a non acceptable faith or ideology.

Hundreds of Shia were hunted, imprisoned, and persecuted under the rule of the toppled president Hosni Mubarak.

In 1996, Hasan Shehata, an imam in Giza, gained notoriety for publicly preaching Shia Islam. He was frank and spoke up harshly and satirically against Salafi / Wahabi Islam.

It wasn’t long before he, hundreds of his followers, and many who were suspected to be followers were arrested without charge under emergency law.

And finally under the rule of Muslim Brother hood’s Mursi , he was Killed on the 15 of Shaban , when he and four other followers were praying in their home , a mob Instigated by the Salafi / Wahabi Leaders Killed them

The Salafist rise after the Arab Spring uprising in Egypt evoked an unprecedented anti-Shia wave of hatred. The new Egyptian constitution has an article that limits the interpretation of Sharia law to the sources and jurisprudence of the Sunni doctrine.

In September 2012, the Supreme Administrative Court rejected granting a permit for Al Tahrir Party, a socialist party founded by several Shia figures, because it was “based on religious principle.” This wasn’t an obstacle for the Muslim Brotherhood’s Freedom and Justice Party, nor for the Salafi Al-Nour party, both of which have strong declared Islamic affiliations.

Saeed asserts that some Salafist groups are using the anti-Shia rhetoric for political gains.

“It is a way of attracting more followers and strengthen[ing] their unity in front of a common enemy,” he said.


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