Enraged Victims of Islamic Investment Scam Backed By Jamia Bonoria Al Alamia , Karachi , set to Protest on Sunday

Jamia Binoria Al Alamia , SITE, KarachiJNN 14th Sept 2013 Karachi : Victim of Islamic Muzarbaat Scam have scheduled a Protest outside Jamia Binoria Al Alamia , SITE on Sunday. Continue reading

Gold Prices falls further on massive selling orders

Gold Bars for SaleJNN 14th Sept 2013 CHICAGO, — Gold futures on the COMEX division of the New York Mercantile Exchange Thursday fell sharply to the lowest level since Aug. 13 on massive selling orders. Continue reading

Suicide Bombing attack at US consulate in Herat , Afghanistan

US Consulate in Herat , AFghanistan attacked by Suicide Bombers. aJNN 14 Sept 2013 Kabul :  car bomb explosion in front of the US consulate in the western Afghan province of Herat has left at least six dead and a second blast happened in the parking lot of the consulate a short time after the original explosion. Continue reading

Turkey’s Nationwide Anti Govt Protest Breathe Sectarian Air , Over the Death of a Young Alvite Boy

TURKEY-POLITICS-UNRESTJNN 14 Sept 2013 Istanbul : Clashes have erupted once again between Turkish riot police and anti-government protesters who were on the streets for the fourth consecutive day to condemn the recent killing of a young fellow demonstrator in a tense border region with Syria appears more complex, sectarian and volatile. Continue reading