Enraged Victims of Islamic Investment Scam Backed By Jamia Bonoria Al Alamia , Karachi , set to Protest on Sunday

Jamia Binoria Al Alamia , SITE, KarachiJNN 14th Sept 2013 Karachi : Victim of Islamic Muzarbaat Scam have scheduled a Protest outside Jamia Binoria Al Alamia , SITE on Sunday. Continue reading

Suicide Bombing attack at US consulate in Herat , Afghanistan

US Consulate in Herat , AFghanistan attacked by Suicide Bombers. aJNN 14 Sept 2013 Kabul :  car bomb explosion in front of the US consulate in the western Afghan province of Herat has left at least six dead and a second blast happened in the parking lot of the consulate a short time after the original explosion. Continue reading

Turkey’s Nationwide Anti Govt Protest Breathe Sectarian Air , Over the Death of a Young Alvite Boy

TURKEY-POLITICS-UNRESTJNN 14 Sept 2013 Istanbul : Clashes have erupted once again between Turkish riot police and anti-government protesters who were on the streets for the fourth consecutive day to condemn the recent killing of a young fellow demonstrator in a tense border region with Syria appears more complex, sectarian and volatile. Continue reading