Pakistani Maj. General Martyred By the Taliban , while the Govt’s call for Negotiation with the terrorist Taliban shows Leadership’s Weakness

Pakistani Major General Sanaullah Martyred By Taliban 15 Sept , 2013JNN 16 Sept 2103 PESHAWAR: Roadside bomb attacks and a Taliban ambush on Sunday killed seven soldiers or policemen including two senior army officers in Pakistan’s troubled northwest, the military said.While the banned militant outfit Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) have claimed responsibility for the Upper Dir blast. Continue reading

Chemical weapons deal is a “ Victory ” for Syrian Friends , As US has to Back Track on its War Phobia

Syrian Chemical Weapons Deal Hailed by Russia , Iran , SyriaJNN 16 Sept 2013 Damascus : In the country’s first response to the U.S.-Russia deal on Syria, a Syrian minister has declared the agreement a “victory” for his country and thanked Russia for orchestrating a chemical weapons deal to avert U.S. military action, Russia’s state-run news agency RIA Novosti reported. Continue reading

Hundred Unaccounted for , in Deadly Floods in Colarado , US

Deadly Floods in Colarado , USJNN 16 Sept 2013 Colarado : More than 500 people remained unaccounted for Sunday across Colorado after deadly, historic flooding left weary residents reeling amid the dark forecast of more rain to come, The Associated Press reported. Continue reading