Hundred Unaccounted for , in Deadly Floods in Colarado , US

Deadly Floods in Colarado , USJNN 16 Sept 2013 Colarado : More than 500 people remained unaccounted for Sunday across Colorado after deadly, historic flooding left weary residents reeling amid the dark forecast of more rain to come, The Associated Press reported.

About 350 people are unaccounted for in Larimer County, according to the county’s sheriff’s office. In adjacent Boulder County, more than 170 people were unaccounted for but were not considered missing yet, though they had not contacted family members.

“The sad thing is there’s nothing we can do,” Larimer County sheriff spokesman John Schulz told the Coloradoan, referring to the numerous phone calls the department has received from people who haven’t heard from loved ones. “It’s just taking time. It’s so frustrating to people because there’s no information available.”

Areas from Denver to the Wyoming border remained under the threat of additional rain Sunday, with flash flood watches and warnings posted. Airlifts were set to continue with helicopter crews expanding their searches east to include Longmont, Fort Collins and Weld County.

The evacuations come as another round of storms swept into the battered state Saturday. The flood zone has grown to cover portions of an area nearly the size of Connecticut.

By Saturday night, 1,750 people and 300 pets had been evacuated from Boulder and Larimer County, according to National Guard Lt. James Goff.

Thousands of people have fled homes in an area that normally sees less than 2 inches of rain in all of September but has been deluged by more than 14 inches this week alone, the National Weather Service said.

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