Pakistani Maj. General Martyred By the Taliban , while the Govt’s call for Negotiation with the terrorist Taliban shows Leadership’s Weakness

Pakistani Major General Sanaullah Martyred By Taliban 15 Sept , 2013JNN 16 Sept 2103 PESHAWAR: Roadside bomb attacks and a Taliban ambush on Sunday killed seven soldiers or policemen including two senior army officers in Pakistan’s troubled northwest, the military said.While the banned militant outfit Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) have claimed responsibility for the Upper Dir blast.

A major general and a lieutenant colonel were visiting troop positions in the Upper Dir district of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province, along the Afghan border, when their vehicle hit a bomb which killed them and a private soldier.

“Maj Gen Sanaullah and Lt Col Touseef embraced Shahadat (martyrdom) this morning. They were returning after visiting troop posts on Pak-Afghan Border,” the military said in a statement.

It said the roadside bomb near the border had also killed Lance Naik Irfan, and injured two other soldiers.

Separately, two roadside bomb attacks in Miranshah, the main town in North Waziristan tribal district bordering Afghanistan, killed two soldiers on Sunday and wounded four others, security officials said.

In the neighbouring district of Bannu Taliban militants ambushed a convoy of tribal police early Sunday, killing two of them and wounding four others, the officials said.

Pakistan says more than 40,000 people have died in bomb and suicide attacks by Taliban and Al-Qaeda-led militants who oppose Islamabad’s US alliance.

The Pakistani Taliban, responding to a government offer of talks to end their revolt, on Sunday announced preconditions – a troop withdrawal from tribal areas and the release of jailed insurgents.

The Latest attack on the High Ranking Military Officer , looks to be the answer to the Champions of Democracy the PML – N Govt in the Federal and PTI’s Govt in the KPK Province , who are admant on the Negotiation with the Taliban , who doesn’t look very keen in it , as the latest attack on the High ranking Defenders of the Country , shows that they want to tell that they can Kill any body and every body , who they want as they are that much in Power , after the formation of PML – N , and PTI’s Govt , and the Friends of Taliban JUI – F , JUI – S , JI , and other Parties in the Opposition Benches , with the support of their Local Partners as Sipah e Sahaba Pakistan , Lashkar e Jhangvi , and other allied Parties , and Organisations , as even the All Parties Conference which was convened by the PML – N led Govt , invited the Parties Leaders who they thought will be in favour of the Negotiation with the Taliban Terrorists .

As the Basic Factions and the No.1 acclaimed victim of the Terrorism of these Taliban , and their Like Minded Groups were the Shia Community , and not a single Representation was invited in the APC, as it was quite evident that even the weakest Leader of the Shia Community could not dare to give consent on the Negotiation with the Taliban , and the same APC which Unanimously approved and consented on the Negotiation with Traitors and the Enemies of Pakistan , and even on their conditions , as they have never excepted the Constitution of Pakistan , and are even against the existence of Pakistan.

And the Most Daring thing was that among the Participant of APC , the Top Brass of the Military the Chief of Army Staff , and the Director General of Inter Services Intelligence also attended the Conference , while as per their agenda the Invitations were given only to the Political Parties Head, while their silence on whole of the Conference and its Charter , was taken as their acceptance of the Negotiations with the terrorists , which is taken by the critics as the weakness shown by them , who have lost atleast 5000 – 6000 sons, whom they claim they raised and Nurtured and who in return gave their Lives on their orders to eliminate the same Bunch of terrorists , who now looks to be in the Driving Seat , Dictating their terms , to the Bunch of Politician whose aim is only to rule Pakistan atleast for One time , or they can get  Mutiple chances , it is their Negotiation and Command Obeying Record results that they Perform for the Power Brokers of Pakistan , whether it may be Saudi Arabia or the US .

And it is the same scenario which each and every Politician and Now even the Establishment is confident that if they want to keep their Jobs and want to Make some Money for them selves and their Off springs they should be Obedient to the Acclaimed Powers , which rule and control the Rule in Pakistan.

While the Innocent General Public of Pakistan which is not that much aware of these delicacies , but with the passage of time and with their Boundaries and Horizons widened , due to the Open skies of the Media , and specially the Social Media, their Consent can also be gauged and can be seen , As Recently they have shown their anger and desperation over the Pardoning of the Criminals Like Shahrukh Jatoi and his colleagues , who in cold Blood Killed a Boy around same of his age , for a Petty Dispute , and even after Being awarded death sentence was so much confident of his victory , that he even showed the Victory sign to the General Public , as he was even given assurance by his Filthy rich Parents , that No Matter How many he Kills , he will not be executed for the Capital Punishment , As they have the Power and Wealth to  Purchase the complete Judicial & Administrative System .

While at the same time the Civil Society and the General Public on the Other case in which a 8 year old young Female child was abused and Criminally assaulted and Gang Raped by 4 – 5 Men in Lahore , have even asked to Nab the Criminals and Hang them Publicly , as this is the General Opinion found on the Social Media and even on the Roads of Pakistan , that the Punishment is necessary in an atmosphere where the Rules are being abused , and there should be no Pardon , for any type of Criminals .

And with the Common feeling all around Now the Politicians and the Establishment should learn and sense the Prevailing feeling in the Masses of Pakistan , as before Giving Pardon to any Criminal , and especially the Complete Band of Criminals who have abused and Killed thousands of Pakistanis in Cold Blood , from their Quarter in the General Head Quarters to the Men Praying in the Mosques , and children sleeping in their Homes in their Beds.

And a sense of Weakness should not be shown and acted upon at least by the Soldiers of a Nation which is an Atomic Power and the Most Powerful Muslim Nation of the World , and by taking the Dictations from the Sponsors of terrorism , whether it may be Saudi Arabia or US , and if they Don’t Believe on these Theories then atleast a lessons should be Learned from the Recent event and War in Syria, where a Small Nation like Syrian have confronted the so called Super Power US and Islamic terrorism Sponsors Saudi Arabia at the same time and now on the Path of victory , as they are Once again coming out victorious in flushing out the Terrorist from their sacred Mother Land , and have even let down the So called Super Power , who could not dared to Attack them . and is in the Retreat Phase.

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