Hezbollah urges Bahrain to end crackdown on Shia Majority

Hezbollah FlagJNN 20 Sept 2013 Beirut : Lebanon’s Hezbollah resistance movement has urged Bahraini government to immediately end public crackdown.

“Over the past one and half year, Bahraini officials have assaulted the majority of people and crossed the red lines,” the Islamic Movement said in a statement released on Thursday.

Bahraini security forces razed Mosques, insulted the sanctities and detained men and women including the elderlies, it was said in part of the statement, according to Al-Alam news channel.

According to Hezbollah, the monarchy also plans to invalidate the nationality of some Bahraini citizens and had shut down the Shura Council.

“Bahraini people are paying the price only for demanding a greater voice by holding free and fair election and seeking their own legitimate and rights,” the statement read.

The Islamic Movement has condemned such policies adopted by the regime who violates basic rights of the people, calling on the ruling Al Khalifa family to give in to the legitimate demands of the oppositions and stop the cruelties which continued since one and half year ago.

Hezbollah also blasted the international community’s silence against the atrocity of those who claim to favor international justice, saying that the Bahraini government deserves harsher reaction than just condemnation.

So, the use of political force on Bahraini government is the least, at the juncture in order for the regime to respect the dignity and the human rights of the nation, the statement added.

The statement by Hezbollah comes as the monarchy has refused so far to ease political pressures on people and giving back the rights they stood for since the beginning of the uprising some two years ago.

At least 80 people have been killed since Arab Spring-inspired protests erupted in Bahrain in early 2011, according to the International Federation for Human Rights.

Earlier this month, the Bahrain Center for Human Rights has issued condemnation for these continued attacks on the families of political dissidents and their children.

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