Taliban’s Ideology and Jurisprudence changes with the passage of time and as per the need of Hour

Taliban Terrorist being Pictured against their Islamic Injunctions of Photographry ProhibitedJNN 23 Sept 2013 Kabul : Taliban Terrorist fighting Afghan government and NATO-led forces to regain power in the militancy- plagued Afghanistan, contrary to the past, have been enormously using the Photographic Images and videos Posted on the internet in the propaganda war, a change in their So called Islamic Jurisprudence 12 years ago.

The Taliban Terrorist which welcomed the US-led military coalition invasion in late 2001 as not a single shot was fired against the Invaders when the US and its allied forces  landed in Afghanistan as it looked that it was a Part of the Program to let them have a strong foot hold in the country with out any Blood shed as it was the Taliban rule in Afghanistan at that time, and they were in Power and instead of resisting and giving them a tough time they landed safely and firmly on the ground and all of them gone under cover , while at the time Taliban terrorists rule in Afghanistan they had outlawed internet, television, video player, cinema, photography and all kind of entertainment during its six-year rule which collapsed in late 2001, while nowadays is largely relying on internet to send out its activities and messages to the world.

It looks that their Jurisprudence and their Islamic Invocations are also changing with the change of time and they are also in the Period of Upgradation of their Jurisprudence . Today, the Taliban outfit has several websites to publish their military and political activities and put on wire for its readers across the globe.

Contrary to the past, which the Wahabi outfit had banned Photoshop and filming, the Taliban militants today put on display the clips and footage of their activities, which are carried mostly in the shape of suicide attacks, roadside bombings and car bombs against the security forces.

Their websites in English, Arabic, Dari, Pashtu and Urdu languages, are full of written stories, articles, clips and photos of Taliban activities against Afghan and the NATO-led forces based in Afghanistan.

Clinging on re-establishing Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, the name given to Taliban’s ousted regime,as it was widely funded by the UAE and Saudi Arabia ,  the armed outfit in its statements and stories posted on its websites often propagated that the Mujadhiden, or the holy warriors, of Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan have targeted the Afghan and foreign forces, inflicting huge casualties. And the Photos and videos of their so called Holy Warriors are even Uploaded on a regular basis.

For instance, the Taliban on Saturday claimed in its website carrying out series of attacks against security forces in several provinces of Afghanistan, including the capital city Kabul, and inflicting casualties.

According to Taliban claim posted on its website, Taliban fighters fired a rocket on a unit of Rishkhor Corps in Charasiab area south of Kabul city, inflicting casualties, a claim rejected by officials as mere propaganda.

The militants, in a statement posted on their website, also claimed killing two police and injuring three others in Ahmad Khil District of the southeastern Paktia Province Saturday morning, a claim termed by officials as baseless.

Taliban militants, during their rule in 90 percent of Afghanistan, did not allow any living creatures to be pictured. However, today they post the photos of their fighters and their firefight’s clips on their websites. And now even their Leader also release videos of their Interviews and their Messages clips on the Internet . while it was deemed Haram or Prohibited by their So called Mufti’s and Mulla earlier.

And the thing which is really Prohibited in the True Spirit of Islam is Killing and Torture , while they regularly post videos of Execution , Slaughtering and even Burning of the Bodies of the Pakistani Military forces on their websites and take Pride in it , By releasing the Horrific acts which are deeply not only condemned in Islam , but also are not allowed in Islam even for Animals , and rest of all Human Being irrespective of cast , color , religion or ethnicity .

To get public attention, the Taliban militants also run a studio named Manbaul Jihad, which films Taliban military activities including conducting suicide attacks and put them on their websites.

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