Why Imran Khan is adamant on Opening the offices of TTP in Pakistan ?

Imran Khan , Taliban PattronJNN 27 Sept 2013 Peshawar : Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) chairman Imran Khan wants the Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan to open their office so that peace talks can progress, Media reported on Wednesday.

Talking to media persons at Lady Reading Hospital (LRH) on Wednesday during his visit to inquire about the health of people injured in the twin suicide blasts, he further said that the government should also open an office for peace talks with the Taliban.

“At the All Parties Conference all the political parties decided to talk to the Taliban,” Imran Khan reiterated.

“People  voted for PTI because they want peace,” he said.

Commenting on the complexity of the situation, the PTI Chairman said nine years ago there was only one group of Taliban but now there are around 35 such groups. He argued that if the US could open offices for the Afghan Taliban in Qatar, why Pakistan should not do the same.

The Impression his statement give that as he is following the footsteps of his US Masters as if US wants to facilitate the Afghan Taliban in Public by giving them access to open an Office in Qatar , so Imran Khan also wants to do the same , to get a Pat on his back from his masters that he is completely following them not only in his speeches , but in his actions also.

As with all the bound and limits Taliban even then can flourish and can Multiply 35x in nine years then , if they come into main stream Politics and administration , then they ll definitely be able to control and reign the Only Certified Muslim Nuclear State of the World , and which will finally lead to its disarmament of the Nuclear Capability , after which the Zionist can sleep with Security with out any chance of disaster , as their Dream of Greater Israel , can be fulfilled only then.

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Chief Minister, Pervez Khatak, Speaker of the provincial assembly Asad Qaisar and others minister and workers of PTI were also present on the occasion.

PTI has come under a lot criticism by the general Pakistani Public , since the Peshawar church bombing. Protests were taken out by the Christian community and their supporters against the PTI-lead K-P government’s handling of the attack. As now PTI and Imran Khan are losing their support drastically , with the turn of events , as they are revealed every day in and around KPK.

The PTI Chairman was also criticized for his media talk in which instead of condemning the Perpetrators he looked more sympathetic towards the Taliban, whose One of the Off shoot Organization Jundullah has even accepted the responsibility of the Twin Suicide Blasts at the Christian Church , while in his point of view he gave it chance of a possibility of a conspiracy against peace talks being the reason for the attack , which can facilitate the Taliban in coming to the Government Positions , rather than be away from the Government and Just try to Pressurize the Governments of Pakistan to follow their commands , by unleashing terror and Misery in the country.

Responding to Imran’s call for Taliban political offices, acting chief of the Awami National Party (ANP) Haji Adeel said he was against the idea, although he did also support peace talks.

With the turn of the events now it is quite evident that even the Pakistani Military Establishment has Knelt before the US and the Saudi Pressure and they are even ready to sacrifice more Pakistanis and Soldiers , to Uphold the US and Saudi Agenda to Bring the Taliban Leadership in the fore front of Pakistani Government , and then they could sell the nuclear arsenal to them , and Strip of Pakistan from the Nuclear Power Countries Club , and the US and their Proxy Saudis could teach a lesson to the Muslim Nations of World that they should never even think of attaining such a height that they could be seated with in the same Ranks of the So called World Super Powers and could talk to them Eye to Eye.


2 thoughts on “Why Imran Khan is adamant on Opening the offices of TTP in Pakistan ?

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  2. imrans statement is abhorrent to the memory of all those innocent people slaughtered on pakistan soil by the terrorist talibans!Disgusting!Next after the opening ceremony by imran of the said office, he will probably nane it “office of the emirates of talibans”?.Looks like he has lost the plot since losing the election and not being made PM! He has a hidden agenda for all these “bright” ideas are in line with the american,the west and Israeli thinking.It appears he is a puppet on his masters strings!

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