Tunisian Islamist government accepts plan to step down in Pressure of secular

Tunisian Ennahda party official Lotfi ZitounJNN 01 Oct 2013 Tunis :Tunisia’s government has agreed to resign after upcoming negotiations with the secular opponents in a bid to put an end to the ongoing political impasse in the North African country. Continue reading

FSA Rebels in Negotiations with Asad’s Regime : Secret Report

Free Syrian ArmyJNN 02 Oct 2013 London : A British daily has broken reports on secret talks between Syrian government and members of the so-called free Syrian army (FSA). Continue reading

Norwegian Muslims disturbed over Threat of all Mosques of country Being Burnt Down

Norwagian Muslim WomanJNN 28 Sept 2013 Oslo : Terrifying Muslims in Norway, an anonymous extremist group has threatened to burn all mosques across the Northwest European country, sparking angry reactions from the peaceful religious minority. Continue reading