Revolution bound Egyptian Population feels relief in converting to Shiite Islam

Shia Men in a Local Husainiya in EgyptJNN 09 Oct 2013 Cairo  – A high-ranking Egyptian official on Tuesday admitted that the doctrine of Shia Islam is being spread in the most populous Arab country with unprecedented speed, according to the website of the Egyptian Masress.   Continue reading

Bogus Votes Bring Bogus Representation in the Assemblies , Bogus Democracy In Pakistan

Pakistani DemocracyJNN 09 Oct 2013 KARACHI: The Major Braak through which have unearthed Flaws in the Constitution of Pakistan , which have led to Corruption in the Democratic  System of the Pakistan has been unearthed By NADRA , as due to which Genuine Representation of the Masses of the Pakistani Public cannot come into Power and can change the system , which is all corrupt . Continue reading

Africa – The New Wahabi Terrorist Training Ground

African Wahabi TerroristJNN 09 Oct 2013 Gao :  Last year, al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb did something no other modern terrorist group has: conquered a broad swath of a sovereign country—Mali. Since then, despite French intervention, northern Mali has become a jihadist front, with Islamist militants flowing in from around the world. While America remains focused on threats from the Middle East and South Asia, the new face of terror is likely to be African.  Continue reading