“Mullah Radio” Killed in a Heavy Clash between Afghan Taliban and TTP

Mulla Fazalullah TTP Comander aka Mullah RadioJNN 10 Oct 2103 Islamabad : Three Tehreek e Taliban Pakistan commanders were killed in a clash between Pakistani and Afghani Taliban on Thursday.

The clash occurred in Kunar, Afghanistan adjacent to the Pakistan border, BBC News reported.

Eye-witnesses claim that two days earlier, dozens of heavily armed Afghan Taliban attacked Pakistani militant bases in Ghaziabad located in the Kunar province of Afghanistan adjacent to the Pak-Afghan border. Subsequently, three TTP commanders were killed in the attack.

Sources have said that Mullah Fazlullah aka ‘Mullah Radio’ was killed in the clash but the Taliban are denying this claim.

Taliban sources confirmed that the clash had occurred and said that no Swat Taliban leader or militant had been killed, stressing that Fazlullah had not been harmed in the clash.

Earlier, Swat Taliban had released a video which showed Fazlullah claiming responsibility for the attack on Major General Sanaullah’s car in Upper Dir. In the video, he had expressed great happiness that the attack had targeted a  Pakistani Army official.

Fazlullah, also nicknamed “Mullah Radio”, was the leader of banned militant outfit Tehreek-e-Nifaz-e-Shariat-e-Mohammadi (TNSM), which was associated with the Tehreek e Taliban Pakistan (TTP) .

Known for his fiery radio broadcasts in Swat Valley, he is also sometimes referred to as chief of the Swat Taliban. He is also the Son in law of Sufi Muhammad who actually intiated the TNSM .

Mullah Fazlullah, 39, had unleashed a reign of terror in Swat before he lost control of the area following a military operation. He fled to Afghanistan and is believed to operate primarily from that country’s Kunar and Nuristan provinces, from where his men attack Pakistani forces.

It was the TNSM which created Havoc in Swat , where the Pakistani Flag was abused , while Mullah Fazalullah did every Henious crime on this earth on the land of Swat and Not only killed hundred of Pakistani People , but tortured them to death even and openly challenged the existence of Pakistan .

It should be noted that there are Major differences between the Intelligence agencies of Saudi and the US Government at present as the latest and the best example is the Egyptian Coup , the Army take over of the Egyptian Government led by Muhammad Morsi.

Muhammad Mursi became the President of the Egypt with the Help of the Salafi Organisation  Muslim Brother Hood which was supported by US , But the Saudi Government Invested Heavily and at an Estimate Saudi and its allied Monarchies which includes UAE, Kuwait offered the Egyptian Military about USD 12 Billion to over throw the Government of Muhammad Morsi , and finally General SiSi in a coup , over threw the Government of the Muslim Brother Hood and Imprisoned Muhammad Mursi on the charge of ordering to Kill the Protesters  , and Egyptian Military since then been so harsh on the Organization that it has been totally banned for any type of its activities , rather their existence have now been at stakes , as a heavy handed Government machinery is busy in cleansing the whole of Egypt with the existence of Muslim Brother Hood and its Supporters.

And now the Attack of Saudi sponsored and supported Afghan Taliban have attacked the US Sponsored Pakistani Taliban, have even inflicted heavy casualties on the Pakistani Taliban (TTP).

While at Present the Pakistani Government is also been run by the PML – N Leadership which is come to the Power under the Influence of the Saudi Government , as they Have Proven their Loyalty to the Saudi Government at many times and thus been awarded with the recent Government of Pakistan , and as in the Current Events when the Pakistani Major General Sana ullah Niazi who was killed by the Pakistani Taliban ( TTP ) , and was even claimed bravely by the Mullah Fazalullah , so it looks that the Pakistani Military Establishment have taken the revenge of the Killing of their General , By exerting Pressure on the Saudi Government to Punish the Criminals for their Henious Crime they have committed by Openly challenging the Pakistani Army Ranks .

We as Pakistanis Do Pray that in the same Pattern Pakistani Army should stand and Guard every Son of the Soil Irrespective of his Religion , cast , creed or sect , as every Pakistani is the Commander of its Brigade for this Country , and have always been ready to give his life for the safe Guard for their Homeland. While they are still waiting for the Savior who will stand up and Guide them to fight against each and every enemy of Pakistan , and cleanse their Dear Homeland of all the Internal and External Enemies of Pakistan.


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