Egytian Shia’s could not be declared as Minority on Sectarian Grounds , while Takfiri Group threats should be checked

Mideast Jordan Salafi ProtestJNN 27 Oct 2013 Cairo : Egypt’s Shias have issued a statement saying that they are part of the Muslim Egyptian nation and could not be segregated on Sectarian Grounds as a minority. As dividing Muslims on the Basis of sectarian Grounds is an International Zionist Conspiracy backed by Saudi Arabia , to weaken the Muslim Strength of the World.

They said Shias have citizenship rights and would not recognize a minority status, Al-Bawaba News website reported.

We will have interactions with all national groups who have not taken up arms against the Egyptian people and have not accepted calls by the Takfiris.

The statement urged that legal action be taken against anyone who does not observe these principles.

The statement referred to the US and Europe as the main source of crises in regional countries, including Egypt, adding that the US and European countries cannot be Egypt’s friends.

The Shias further referred to the Zionist regime as an occupying and colonial entity.

An Egyptian Shia leader said the Salafists have targeted the followers of Ahl-ul-Bayt (AS) in the country.

In a message to Egypt’s interior minister, Mahmoud Jaber said Shias were threatened during festivities marking the Eid Al-Qadir, Al-Dastour website reported.

He said Salafist groups have been targeting citizens, especially the followers of Ahl-ul-Bayt (AS) recently.

“It was these groups that killed Shia figure Hassan Shahata in a village in Al-Giza province earlier this year,” he noted.

According to Jaber, Salafi groups had threatened Egypt’s Shias against celebrating Eid Al-Qadir on Thursday.

They had threatened that they would move the country toward clashes and commit act of terrorism, Jaber stated.

He went on to say that there is information showing that Salafists are planning to assassinate over 90 leading Shia figures including Sayyid Tahir Al-Hashemi.

Salafist and Takfiri groups have intensified their anti-Shia activities in Egypt where an estimated one million Shia Muslims live.


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