Rare Copy of Quran Found in Volynsky , Ukraine

Rare Copy of Holy Quran found in UkraineJNN 27 Oct 2013 Volynsky  : Some 200 years old copy of the Holy Quran the Most Sacred Book of Muslims is found in Volynsky, Ukraine.

Media reported that employees of Ostrog Museum found the discovery in their museum where it was stored for 20 years, until academics became interested in manuscript. As it turned out, the copy of the Quran is extremely valuable.

According to experts, the manuscript is a Holy Scripture carefully written on sheets of rag with brown ink, some of the pages of this manuscript were rubbed into holes due to many years of reading.

Determining the age of discovery, art historian Nicholas Bendyuk claims that the paper on which the text of the Quran was written, was made in the late 18th – early 19th century.

Orientalist Michael Yakubovich said that the uniqueness of the found instance is that the rewritten and surviving manuscripts of its kind does not exist in Western Ukraine. The found manuscript of the Quran is estimated at tens of thousands hrivnias. This copy is complete: there are 19 cross-linked workbooks which contain all 114 Suras.

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