Chinese Investor embraces Islam on ” Eid al Ghadeer ” in Qom , Iran

Hong Jun Shen , Richard converts to Islam Renamed as Ali By Ayatollah Mohammad Javad Alavi BoroujerdiJNN 29 Oct 2013 Mashad : A Chinese investor has converted to Shia Islam in Iran’s holy city of Qom and has been renamed after the first Imam Ali a.s.

Hong Jun Shen, known as Richard, has so far made investments in different parts of Iran, quoted Hawzah News Agency as reporting.

The conversion coincided with the Eid al-Ghadir celebrations which mark the anniversary of the appointment of Hazrat Imam Ali a.s as the immediate successor to the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

The Chinese owner of numerous industrial factories converted to Shia Islam in the presence of senior cleric Ayatollah Mohammad Javad Alavi Boroujerdi.

Ayatollah Boroujerdi said Islam is a religion based on human nature, which invites its followers to virtuous acts.

Ali, the new convert, said China is home to numerous religions and traditions and people with different views and the followers of different religions co-exist. He added that following his communications with his Iranian friends, he concluded that no religion is more perfect than Islam and no tradition better than Shiite Sect of Islam.

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