3 Shia Men Martyred By TTP Terrorist Firing on 2 Imambargahs at Fajr Prayers in Gujranwala

Gujranwala Shia Target Killing of 3 Momineen ,JNN 10 Nov 2013 GUJRANWALA, Nov 9: An office-bearer of the Shia Ulema Council and two other members of the community were shot Martyred in two Imambargahs in Baghbanpura on Saturday morning.

The council`s finance secretary, Syed Talat Naqvi, was targeted and Martyred  with an automatic weapon by two men riding a motorcycle who forced their way into the Zainabia Imambargah, on Naushera Road , at the time of fajr Prayers.

In the other incident, Muazzam Yousef and Haji  Amanat were gunned down by two men who barged into Qasr-iAbu Talib Imambargah in Shahrukh Colony. Both attacks took place during Fajr prayers.

Members of the Shia community placed the bodies on the Main road, And Protested against the Triple Target Killing and blocked traffic on major streets of Gujranwala.

They raised slogans against the government and called for suspension of the police officials concerned.

Police claimed to have arrested nine suspects, including activists of the banned Lashkar-i-Jhangvi.

Commuters faced problems because of the closure of roads for 10 hours. The snarlup in traffic on the G.T. Road stretched for at least five kilometres.

The situation in the city remained tense throughout the day. Punjab Environment Minister Shuja Khanzada arrived in the city and ordered an inquiry into the attacks.

Jhang District :

In a another act of terrorism and Sectarian Hatred the terrorist of SSP , torched the Panaflex Banner with the slogan Printed as “ Labbaik Ya Hussain a.s ” in Jhang district of Punjab Province.
Our Correspondent reported from Jhang on Sunday that the desecration of the Muharram Banners and creating Hatred and fanning sectarianism ,to create chaos and Uncertainity .

The officials of the Shia Ulema Council and Majlis-e-Wahdat-e-Muslimeen reached the spot and they demanded that  the protest would continue till the violators of the sanctity of the Holy Month of Muharram are not apprehended and are not put behind the bars.

They also added that  the it looks that the Punjab government is in some sort of deal with the Criminals of the banned Outfits like SSP and TTP , under the Pretext of Negotiation with the terrorist , and thus the terrorist are roaming free and are even committing Henious crimes like Target Killing of Shia Community Members and arson and attack on the Religious Shia Sites and still NO Action is being taken against the Criminals .

They also warned the Government to come out of all type of Deals and Agreements with the Terrorist Organisations , otherwise the Whole of the Shia Community will protest across the Country , and specially will stage Protest Sit In Outside the Punjab Chief Minister House .

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