Ashura commemorated peacefully in 3 Provinces of Pakistan , while Ashura Processions attacked in Punjab

10th Muharram 2013JNN 16 Nov 2013 Karachi : Thanks to extraordinary security measures by law enforcing authorities, Ashura concluded incident free in most parts of Pakistan, though the conspiracy by TTP and its allied Political Wahabi Parties did won in Igniting sectarian clashes in Rawalpindi overshadowed the peacefulness as the Peaceful Shia Mourners were attacked by the Seminary students of a Wahabi School of thought , which were well prepared to do so , as their Prayer Leader was already delivering Hate speeches from the Loudspeaker , which also infuriated the Mourners , who was committing blashphemy against Hazrat Imam Hussain a.s , The Leader of the Martyrs .

The Chaos Began around 2.30p.m when the Prayer Leader of a Wahabi Sect Madressa ,which was on the way of the Imam Hussain a.s , Mourning Procession , gave a sermon from the Loudspeaker , Praising the Devilish Yazeed l.a , and at the same time committing Blasphemy against Imam Hussain a.s , the Mourners were Infuriated with the Hate Speech ,but showed their Patience ,and remained calm , but this not ended at this stage , as after which the seminary students started Pelting stones , from the roof top of the Seminary associated Mosque. The stones were , collected earlier as per their Plan.

Due to which a NO. of Mourners were injured , and to further instigate they raised Takfiri slogans against the Shia Mourners, “ Kafir , Kafir Shia Kafir ” . ( Declaring the Shia Mourners as Infidels)

Sipah e Sahaba Pakistan has Planned this attack earlier , as their office bearers have give a call for the Planned attack on the social site of Tweeter.

This was the height as then the Mourners in self defense , also reciprocated , and returned their stones towards their originating point . As a result the Wahabi seminary student and Hidden terrorists which were already planned and were ready , opened fire, which resulted in fatal injuries to a couple of mourners ,and critically injuring the others.

And while this all was happening the Punjab Police and Rangers Personnel were Mere spectators to the Incident .

As in this scenario Mourning Crowd was dispersed , as a result the Mob of about 300 Wahabi seminary students and hardened criminals of SSP , which has taken refuge in the seminary , and was ready to create chaos came down on the road and went towards , Raja Bazar ,and started ransacking the Public Property and even burnt the Cloth Market .And started attacking the Shia Men in and around the city.

This was a Planned scheme , as their Leadership are allies of the Tehrik e Taliban Pakistan , which have already given a Red Alert Notice to the Province of Punjab , and in line with them their allies the Sipah e Sahaba Pakistan have also Planned for incidents like this to Happen in the Province of Punjab specially.

In all This the Punjab Police acted so Naïve that even a group of People reportedly snatched guns from the police and began firing at them. Meanwhile, unknown men put a portion of the Raja Bazaar and a mosque on fire.

The incident and subsequent clashes resulted in the deaths of at least eight people and injured over 80 people. A large number of shops were also gutted.

After firing took place at an Ashura procession in Raja Bazar, Rawalpindi, an angry mob turned against the police. The situation soon got out of hand and the army was called in,Express News reported.

As after the Situation detoriated ,and was out of the control of the City Administration , A High Level meeting was called and Curfew was announced and Imposed at Midnight on 16 Nov , for 24 Hrs. which was relaxed for about 3 and Half hours and was again levied , at1.00a.m on 17th Nov .

While the Mobile service which was suspended for 48hrs on 9th Muharram Ul Harram was also extended for another 48hrs to keep the situation under control .

6000 police personnel were on duty in Rawalpindi to ensure security of the procession moving from the Aashiq-e-Hussain Imambargah. But due to failed Intelligence or blinding support to the terrorist of banned organizations By the Punjab Govt. , the Untoward Incident happened in the Rawalpindi.

After the tragic Incident at Rawalpindi Multan , Chistian and Haroonabad , were tense and attacks at Imambargahs and Majalis were also reported , and the situation was so much critical that the Army has to be called , to take the charge of the Situation .

In other parts of the country, though, the government’s promise of ‘foolproof security’ seemed to come good. In Karachi, police arrested several suspected militants while in Lahore, a host of security cameras were at work on preventing terrorist activity.

At the end of the day, Imran Khan and Sharjeel Memon tweeted congratulating K-P and Sindh respectively on a peaceful Ashura.

Lahore’s main Zuljinnah procession, which was taken out at midnight, started at Nisar Haveli and terminated at the Karbala Gamay Shah in the evening of Ashura. At least 20,000 security officials were on-ground during the Procession

In Karachi, around 700 large and small processions have been taken out throughout the city. The main procession has been taken out from Nishtar Park, near Soldier Bazaar.

In Quetta, the main procession was taken out from the Imambargah on Alamdar road, terminating at the same point.

Peshawar’s main procession was taken out after Zuhr prayers from the Imambargah in the Qissa Khawani Bazaar area and terminated safely and soundly at the same point.

In Sukkur, large crowds were out as part of the processions. The procession ended around 10pm. At least 3,000 policemen and 2,000 rangers were present, along with a bomb disposal squad.

As reported the Incident at Rawalpindi by the Wahabi Sipah e Sahaba Pakistan recruits is to give Justification to the Tehrik e Taliban Pakistan’s announced call for anarchy and chaos , as to avenge the death of their Leader , which is even called as “Martyr” by the JI’s Chief Munawar Hassan and JUI-F’s Fazal ur Rehman , and at the same time discrediting & Disrespecting the Real martyr’s of Pakistan Armed Forces , who laid down their lives in combating with the Terrorist of TTP , while this has drawn a clear Line between the Forces Loyal to the Pakistani Nation , and the Traitors of Pakistan.

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