Sectarianism Once again Patronized in Pakistan , as Shiite Markets ,Mosques & Imambargahs under attack by SSP

Imambargah Burnt by SSP terrorist in Rawalpindi , 201319 Nov 2013 Islamabad : Sectarian violence has once again on the rise in Pakistan. As on Friday after a Planned attack on the Ashura Procession by the Wahabi Sect Terrorist near the capital Islamabad prompted the government to impose a curfew and block mobile phone services over the weekend.

According to Reuters, clashes confined to areas in and around the capital at the weekend spilled over on Monday into two towns in the volatile northwest.

Tensions are high this month as Shias mark Muharram, an annual period of mourning which has often sparked bouts of violence.

Rawalpindi, a garrison city near Islamabad, remained under curfew and tight security for three days after an attack on a Shia procession on Friday in which at least eight people were killed.

On Monday, a mob set shops on fire in a predominantly Shia district in the northwestern town of Kohat , in Teera Market in clashes that killed two policemen and a civilian, police said.

According to our Correspondent , Takfiri terrorists of the outlawed Sipah-e-Sahaba Pakistan attacked a Shia mosque, an Imam Bargah Syed Habib (Husseinia), and a commercial market in the city of Kohat in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province on Monday.

Takfiri is an expression used to describe individuals or groups who claim only themselves Muslims while all others as Non Muslims .

Two policemen were killed and several others were injured in the terrorist attacks.

The armed terrorists attacked Imam Bargah Syed Habib, where two policemen were killed and three were injured. In the Teera Bazaar, the terrorists set a market owned by Shias on fire.

While in another Incident of Sectarianism and Terrorism The Terrorist of Sipah-e-Sahaba Paksitan an Off Shoot of TTP burnt a Shia mosque in Chishtian, a city of Bahawalnagar district of Punjab province on Friday night.

Our Correspondent reported that SSP terrorist Qari Ayoob led a mob of some 2000 terrorists and fanatics and attacked Shia mosque and Imam Bargah in which several Shiites were hurt.

Under the patronage of local administration, the fanatics and terrorists of outlawed Sipah-e-Sahaba staged a rally in which they raised slogans to kill Shiites on sight. Notorious terrorist Ghulam Rasool Shah was also among the leading Personalities of the rally.

Ghazi Medical Store, Al Najaf Optical and other shops owned by Shia Muslims were set on fire. They were also plotting to set the Shiites houses on fire.

The terrorists also attacked a Shia mosque in Kohat and it was reported that they were harassing people by sporadically firing gunshots, despite the imposition of a curfew.

Tension also prevailed in Hangu, where terrorists fired rockets on Thursday, November 14, which was the day of Ashura, with the intention of disturbing the peaceful observance of Ashura. A curfew was also imposed in Hangu.

During Muharram, a period of mourning to mark the death of Imam Hussein (AS), a grandson of Prophet Mohammed (S), Shias hold long processions to express their grief.

The authorities imposed a mobile phone blackout on Rawalpindi, the seat of the Pakistani army, and parts of Islamabad over the weekend. The curfew was only lifted on Monday, but the city remained tense.

Attacks on Pakistan’s Shias, who make up about a fifth of the population of 180 million, have worsened in recent years.

Most of the attacks are the work of extremists affiliated with banned groups, such as the Tehrik eTaliban Pakistan , Sipah e Sahaba Pakistan  or Lashkar-e-Jhangvi, who intend to put the Shia Population under their influence , so much so that they can dictate their terms in the Government .

Hundreds of Shias were killed in bombings and other attacks last year, including incidents in which children on their way to school were gunned down and doctors heading for work were shot.

And the real cause of all this Sectarianism is the Patronage of the PML – N led Punjab & Federal Government which is not only Patronizing the elements which openly insult  the Pakistani Armed Forces Martyrs and regards the terrorist and Killer of Pakistani Forces and Population as Martyrs.

As Now the Pakistani Armed Forces have taken their course to teach these traitors of the Nation a Lesson, at the same time Such Incidents of Sectarianism were allowed by the Punjab Government, so the concentration of the Establishment should be checked and their attention should be diverted and entangled in matters more serious then the action against the terrorist , and traitors of Pakistan.

The Incident of attack of Wahabi SSP members , from the Mosque Ghulam ullah , on the Participants of the Procession of Ashura was a well Planned , and coordinated effort , as now all the of evidences from the call of the attack on Tweeter to their supporters to the pelting of the stones from the Roof Top of the Mosque , and then finally firing on the Mourners Prove that the Punjab Government is a Part and Parcel of the Coordinated and Planned Incident , as all the collected evidences from the venue leads to the same conclusion.

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