Islam-Buddhism Inter faith conference held in Iran

Islam - Buddhism Interfaith dialogue Held in Iran , 2013JNN 31 Nov 2013 Tehran The third round of Islam-Buddhism interfaith dialogue titled “Morality in Islam and Buddhism” is to be held in the holy city of Qom with religious clerics in attendance.  Continue reading

Karzai refuses to sign U.S. deal, may lead to complete Withdrawl of US Forces from Afghanistan

Afghan President Hamid Karzai refuses to sign the US DealJNN 01 Dec 2013 Kabul : Afghanistan’s President Hamid Karzai has refused to sign a security deal with the United States, the White House said, opening up the prospect of a complete withdrawal of U.S. troops from the strife-torn nation next year. Continue reading

Saudi royal guard Fighting alongside Al Qaeda terrorist killed by Syrian forces recapturing Deir Attiya

Saudi Royal Gaurd Commander Killed in Dier AttiyaJNN 01 Dec 2013 Damascus : A Saudi Royal Army commander has been killed along with 40 Saudi militants in Syria’s Deir Attiyeh during clashes that freed the strategic town from al-Qaeda-linked militants. Continue reading

Hollywood Producer Confesses to be an under Cover Israeli Agent , An Arms Dealer

Hollywood Producer Arnon Milchan an Israeli Spy

JNN 01 Dec 2013 Los Angles : The Hollywood producer behind such box office hits as Fight Club, Pretty Woman and LA Confidential has spoken about his former activities as an Israeli secret agent and arms dealer, confirming claims made earlier in an unauthorized biography. Continue reading

Christian Angolan Govt. Demolishes Mosques , But Later Back Tracks on its Ban on Islam in the Country

Angola gov’t demolishes mosques, bans IslamJNN 01 Dec 2013 Luanda : The government in Angola has reportedly demolished Several mosques in the country after giving the impression that practicing Islam is illegal in the country. Continue reading