Israeli President Breifed 29 Arab and Muslim leaders in a Secret Summit Organized by UAE Against Iran

Israeli Presidernt Shimon PeresJNN 03 Dec 2013 Dubai : Israeli President Shimon Peres has secretly addressed a number of Arab and Muslim politicians two weeks ago during a summit organized in Abu Dhabi.  Continue reading

Iran to start building 2nd nuclear plant in Bushehr – Rouhani

Iran's Bushehr Nuclear Power PlantJNN 03 Dec 2013 TEHRAN, — Iran plans to produce more electricity by building a second nuclear energy plant in the southern province of Bushehr, home for the country’s first plant, said Iranian President Hassan Rouhani on Sunday. Continue reading

Anti Shia Banners & Posters Distributed By Wahabi Group in Egypt

Anti Shia Banners in EgyptJNN 03 Dec 2013 Cairo : In yet another anti-Shia move, an Egyptian Salafi-Wahabi group has distributed posters with anti-Shia content , which are openly being Placed on the Walls of the City , with out any restriction from the Present Government. Continue reading

Kazakh Muslim Prayer Leader given Training of Social Media for Propogation

Khazakhstan's Muslims Leaders on Social MediaJNN 01 Dec 2013 Almaty : 56 Imams took part in a local workshop in the Qostanay province of Kazakhstan teaching them how to make the most of social media websites like Facebook in order to share religious knowledge, take questions, and reach out to a younger audience. Continue reading