Anti Shia Banners & Posters Distributed By Wahabi Group in Egypt

Anti Shia Banners in EgyptJNN 03 Dec 2013 Cairo : In yet another anti-Shia move, an Egyptian Salafi-Wahabi group has distributed posters with anti-Shia content , which are openly being Placed on the Walls of the City , with out any restriction from the Present Government.

Members of the Tabligh Salafi-Wahabi group have handed out the posters in streets in the Dumyat province, Buratha news agency reported.

They have claimed Shias commit merciless and cruel acts in Egypt and work against other Muslims.

Some of these posters, in which Shias have been condemned, have been hung on walls of stores in the cities of the province.

Claiming Shias’ presence is a threat to Egypt, they have called for driving Shias out of the country.

In other news, founder of a coalition called “Grandchildren of the Sahaba and Ahl-ul-Bayt” has warned Shias against holding ceremonies at Imam Hussein Mosque to mourn the Arbaeen (anniversary of the 40th day after martyrdom of Imam Hussein (AS)).

Anti-Shia activities have spread in Egypt in recent years while the followers of Ahl-ul-Bayt (AS) only want their rights to hold religious rituals to be recognized. The country’s Shias have always pursued their rights peacefully.

The Saudi Influence on the Egyptian Govt is getting visible , as the Army Dictators who have taken over the Power , on the Backing of Saudi And Some Persian Gulf Sheikhdoms , are now being dictated to the rulers of Egypt , and Plus the Zionist State of Israel , which are to their Core afraid of Shia Hezbollah Malitia , as this is the Only Power in the World that have Not openly challenged them , but have even proven that they can ruin up their Power ,and Prestige , which they command among the Arab Nations , while as Now the Saudi and the Zionist state of Israel are strategic partners , and as both have a strong Influence in the Egyptian Politics , so they are doing their best to keep a check on the Shia Population of Egypt , as it has always been , Since the era of Hosni Mubarak till the Present Era of General Sisi.

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