Huge Mass Graves excavated , Reveals Dark Secrets of the Bosnian War

Bosnian Genocide in Srebrenica , Mass Grave excavated

JNN 08 Dec 2013 Zagreb : To date 4,000 complete bodies or skeletal remains have been found in mass graves discovered by Bosniak returnees after the war.

According to World Bulletin, formerly renowned for its natural beauties and now known as the “valley of mass graves,” Kamenica village in eastern Bosnia is the location of 14 mass graves hiding the remains of victims killed during the Srebrenica genocide in July 1995.

To date 4,000 complete bodies or skeletal remains have been found in mass graves discovered by Bosniaks who returned to their village after the war.

Kamenica resident SenadRizvic found 84 remains in front of his house in a sewage trench.

“While searching for the sewage pit which was there before, I found a human body, trousers, belt and a lower body. I informed the Prosecutor of Tuzla Canton about it, and the international community and United Nations Protection Force (UNPROFOR),” Rizvic told Anadolu Agency.

Rizvic shares the courtyard with his two brothers, one of whom still remains missing since the war.

“At first, I thought I had found my brother who is missing until today,” he added.

Serbs killed about 8,732 Muslims men and boys, 5,657 of whom have been found in mass graves, during the 1995 Srebrenica genocide. More than 3,000 persons from Srebrenica are still missing.

In the village of Prosine, over 500 remains were found at a mass grave in which bodies were dumped and buried. Toward the war’s end in late 1995, perpetrators sought to hide evidence of their crime by relocating bodies into second graves.

Forensic scientists in Bosnia have dug up the remains of 360 people at what is believed to be the largest mass grave from the war in the 1990s.

The grave lies in the village of Tomasica in north-western Bosnia. Non-Serbs were persecuted in the area by Bosnian Serb troops during the war.

Officials believe the remains of some 1,000 Bosniak Muslim and ethnic Croat men, women and children may be found.

Until recently Bosnian Serb witnesses kept silent about the grave’s location.

Sixteen Bosnian Serbs have so far been found guilty of war crimes in the area. The nearby town of Prijedor was a Bosnian Serb stronghold during the war.

Atrocities were committed by Bosnian Serbs at prison camps in the area.

In some other parts of Bosnia-Hercegovina Bosnian Serb civilians were the victims of atrocities committed by Bosniak (Bosnian Muslim) or Bosnian Croat forces.


Before the Tomasica grave was pinpointed, the biggest mass grave found in Bosnia was at Crni Vrh in Srebrenica, where 629 bodies were dug up. The Srebrenica massacre was the most notorious atrocity committed by Bosnian Serb forces.

The Tomasica grave covers more than 5,000 sq m (53,820 sq ft) and is 10m (about 30 ft) deep, the Associated Press reports.

The forensic teams have found bullets in the grave, suggesting that some victims were shot at the site, the agency adds.



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