Pakistani Foreign Policy Needs Correction by Brave Patriotic Pakistanis

Patriotic Pakistanis to Lead the NationJNN 13 Dec 2013 Islamabad : Here are few of the highlights of Pakistan’s involvement in the US led war on terror that has dragged on for more than 12 years: Over 50,000 deaths, $80+ billion in losses, growing insecurity and mounting fear among its citizens.

The war that was initially started to target militants in Afghanistan is haunting innocent civilians not only in Afghanistan, but also Pakistan. To make matters worse, the drone attacks on Pakistan’s frontier are also turning people further against the United States and the Pakistani government. They also have the effect of assisting the militants with their local recruitment drives.

So, for how long will it go on? And how many more innocent civilians should Pakistan lose to terrorism? And above all, is an alliance with the USA a benefit to Pakistan at all?

These are the questions currently being asked by the people of Pakistan. The conditional Coalition Support Fund (CSF), which Pakistan receives for assisting the USA, is peanuts compared to the losses incurred in this war. But even this CSF has, on a couple of occasions, been released with stringent conditions making it a charity, rather than support.

These scenarios rather than making Pakistan look like an ally, portray it as a mere “client” state for America. The implications and signals are simple for Pakistan; they point towards the need for a shift in the country’s foreign policy: a policy that weighs the benefits of immediate neighbors and regional players against the losses of this transatlantic alliance.

Particularly with the United States moving out of Afghanistan in 2014, Pakistan has to reconsider its alliances for the greater interest and stability of the region. After all, the Taliban and Al-Qaeda’s main motive for its activities against Pakistan is the Pak-US strategic alliance in this war.

Important regional stakeholders, such as China and Russia, are keenly interested in post 2014 developments in Afghanistan. This interest isn’t confined to Kabul, but also extends to Central Asia where both Russia and China have valuable strategic assets. Afghanistan’s neighboring countries such as Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan make it an area of concern for Beijing and Moscow, because any terrorist outbreak post 2014 could harm their interests in the Central Asian region.

With these concerns resounding, Pakistan has an important role to play. Not only must it tackle its own militancy problems, but the country also has to ensure that its land is not used for terrorist activities, both locally and abroad, in such places as Afghanistan, Russia, India and China.

Pakistan has to clearly take a stand Not only against CIA Infested terrorism , but also of the Saudi funded Talibanization , as both US and Saudis with UAE Sheikhdoms are not only trying to Play their game on Pakistani Soil , but also weakening Pakistani Integration to keep up their stronger Role in the Region , and at the same time they are also afraid that if Pakistan will Prosper they ll lose in many terms , as for example if Karachi Prospers , Dubai and all the UAE will be black Out , and they will be starving ,due to lack of trade and commerce ,which they are enjoying due to the troubled Pakistani Position . As the same time , if the Pakistan have friendly relations with its relations , this region from Central Asia to Pakistan and Turkey till Russia , will become the Hub of Trade and Commerce , with Pakistan at the Helm of affairs .

So to keep Pakistan Weak and Begging , US and Saudi Monarch Doesn’t want that there should be any Peace and tranquility in Pakistan , as with Pakistani Dominance in the region , The Saudi and US Leader ship has to come to their Knees , to ask of any favor from Pakistan , while at present with their Infested Insurgency and terrorism , they act like Masters and can Dictate their terms , to any Pakistani Government , as with Hundred of Thousands of Their Agents in the shape of trained Terrorist in Pakistan , Any Government at the Helm of affairs in Pakistan , has to think  a Hundred of times , before taking any action against the Interest of Saudi And US Hegemony.

Where on the other side , if Pakistan Improves its relations with its Neighbors , which are coming as the World Powers in the Near future , then Pakistan will also benefit from their involvement and Interest in the Pakistani Industry , as a safer and Economically Strong Pakistan is also in their favour.

To start with China which has already proven its Might Economically and even its Military Might is Unquestionable , and with the Growing and Booming Chinese Economy , and a Proven track record of friendship with Pakistan in the hour of need , so if Chinese are given space in Pakistani Economy , then the Pakistani Economy will also Benefit , as Chinese are keen to Invest in Pakistan , and to start with they should be given Protection against the US Infested terrorist , who are even envy of Pakistani friendship with China , as with the increased Billateral relations with China , US feels that they ll be of No Importance in the Pakistani Politics , and for which they are Not ready , and thus the US Infested Taliban have been attacking and Killing Innocent Chinese Workers , so they should restrict their Investment and share in the Pakistani Economy.

On the Other hand where Pakistan is starving due to its ever growing energy needs , which can again be fulfilled by the Next Door Neighbor , IRAN , which is rich in all types of Energy , and is even ready to work on economical Bilateral Energy Packages , which starts with the already started but delayed , due to Saudi and US pressure , The Natural Gas Pipeline Project , which Iran has already completed on its side , while Pakistani Establishment and the Politicians due to Pressure from Saudi Arabia and US , are delaying and making the People of Pakistan suffer , not only Economically , but also delay in the Project will make the future of Pakistani generations Darker , As Iran Does not Only Produce Oil and Gas , but is a Huge Exporter of Electricity , So Normalizing and enhancing the Relations with Iran , will not only give Pakistani Economy a boost in its energy needs , but will also open door to the trade and commerce with Iran , as Iran which due to sanctions from the West has been closed Borders , will also give a New Market for Not Only Garments sections , but a Lot of other Items , in which Iran has already shown Interest in Importing , so it will be a Dual Boost to the Pakistani Economy , as a way to Importing the cheap Energy and Export to a new Market for the Pakistani Goods , Rice and Garments.

While not to forget Central Asian Republics  ,which are Land Locked Countries and are in dire need of Warm Water Ports , for which Karachi Ports and the Gwadar Ports are Ideally Located and even feasible for these Countries , and which will not create a lot of revenue for the Pakistani Economy by only collecting transit Trade Tariffs , but will also give again A whole new Markets , on which whole of the World Powers are still eyeing , and India have already invested a Huge amount in Afghanistan to get the share in the Re construction of the War torn Country and also to get safe access to the same Central Asian Republics , with which it can not only get access to the Virgin Markets , but can also tap the Huge energy reserves ,available in these states .

To Conclude to Make Pakistan the Biggest Power of the Region economically and strategically , The Only thing needed is the Will and a Little courage to face the enemies of Pakistan, which is not even a Uphill task , but only a Group of Patriotic Pakistanis , with a Patriotic Pakistani Leader to lead the Group is needed to Implement the Plan , in the best Interest of Pakistan and Islam , and to uproot the Menace of terrorism , infested by the enemies of Islam and Pakistan.


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