4 Martyred , 14 Injured in a Suicide blast near Imambargah in Rawal Pindi , Pakistan

Suicide Bombing at ImamBargah , Gracey Lines , Rawal Pindi , 18 Dec 2013 bJNN 18 Dec 2013 RAWALPINDI: A powerful blast outside an Imambargah situated in Gracey Lines area killed three people including two policemen and left 14 injured.

According to our Correspondent, policemen spotted a suspicious looking individual on a motorcycle in the parking lot of the Imambargah. The attacker blew himself up when the policemen tried to tackle him.

According to CCPO Rawalpindi Akhtar Umar Lalika, the blast was caused by a suicide bomber. He approached the Imambargah Isna Ashra on foot, just as a congregation was underway.

The bomber was stopped at the first police check post for a physical search where he blew himself up.

Asghar added that the first cordon, manned by police officials and supervised by the area SHO himself, was located 30 feet from the side wall of the Imam bargah. There is at least one other check post where visitors were physically searched By Volunteers  before being allowed to enter the building.

Sub-inspector Amanat Ali of the Airport Police Station was among those killed, while SHO Rab Nawaz among seven police officials were injured, six critically.

The blast damaged at least two cars and almost a dozen motorcycles.

As a result three people including a SHO lost their lives.

The bodies were moved to Benazir Bhutto Shaheed Hospital.

“We have three bodies and 14 wounded people at our hospital,” Asif Qadir Mir, chief of the local government hospital, told AFP.

The List of the Martyrs of the Event is as follows :

  1. Syed Waseem Zaidi ( Karachi )
  2. Hassan Abbas .
  3. Ghulam Shabbir
  4. Amanat Ali ( Police Official )

The arrangements are being done to move the Body of S. Waseem Zaidi to Karachi , as he was the resident of Karachi , and His Funeral Prayer and Burial will be done in Karachi . The Timing for which will be announced later , after the Body reaches Karachi.

Gracy Lines is located in a very sensitive part of Rawalpindi, situated between military residential buildings, the Benazir airport and Chaklala air base.

Majlis-i-Wahadat-Muslameen (MWM), Tehrik-i-Nifaz-i-Fiqh-i-Jafaria ( TNFJ ) , Jafria Alliance Pakistan ( JAP ) condemned the attack and said that the government has failed to curb sectarian violence in the country.

There has been a rise in sectarian violence in Pakistan after the formation of the New Government , as now is looks that the Terrorist feel that they are at home , and can do any thing any where , and still they will be Protected , as it looks that the Present Government has not only completely surrendered to them , rather begging them for their favour to let them earn their Piece of Cake , for which they have once again come to Power . As a result the Shiite Sect Target Killing and the attacks on the Shiite High Profile Personalities and have once again intensified.

Allama Nasir Abbas a Shia cleric of TNFJ was Martyred late Sunday in Lahore, the capital of Punjab province, after addressing a religious gathering.While earlier Allama Deedar Jalbani was Martyred in the Biggest City of Pakistan , Karachi . while a little earlier the Ashura Procession in the same Rawal Pindi was attacked by the Wahabi Terrorist , resulting in several casualities and even the Markets were set ablaze by the same Mob , which have planned to attack the Procession and to set ablaze the shops of the Sunni and Shia shopkeepers to create chaos and anarchy in Pakistan.

On November 19, gunmen killed a senior Shia university director along with his driver in Lahore, while another Shia leader and his guard were killed in Karachi in early December.

Three days later, Shamsur Rehman Muawiya, Leader of Wahabi  organisation Ahl-e-Sunnat Wal Jammat for Punjab province, was killed in Lahore , due to their Internal strife and Power struggle , but it was named as Sectarian Killing , Just to take the cover of Sectarianism to the terrorism inflicted in Pakistan by the Saudi and US Funded Banned Organisation , to continue their Policy of dis Integration of Pakistan .

As Per the Normal Atmosphere in Pakistan there is no Sectarianism in Pakistan , all the cities and even Rural Population are living harmoniously for 65 years , and enjoying their life by having good Personal , social  and Business relations , for generations , but the Saudi Infested Terrorist Organisations are trying their best to Inflict sectarianism in Pakistan , so they get the Best Ingredient for the DisIntegration of Pakistan , which is their Ultimate Goal.

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