7 Shia Houthis Martyred in the ongoing clashes with the Wahabi tribal Militants in Sadaa , Yemen

Supporters of the Shiite rebel al-Houthi group, also known as Ansarullah, march as they carry the coffins of two fellow Shiites on cars during an anti-government protest in SanaaJNN 20 Dec 2013 Aden : Seven Shia Houthi Martyred and two Tribal fighters have been killed in tribal Clashes that was ongoing Friday in northern Yemen between Shiite Huthi rebels and Wahabi Islamists backed by local tribes, a tribal source said. 

Shia Huthi rebels have been battling the Sanaa government for nearly a decade in the remote Saada province, but the outbreak of fighting with Wahabi militants has been painted as Sectarian Clashes , and now deepened the sectarian dimension of the unrest.

“Seven Huthis and two tribesmen were killed on Thursday in the clashes, which were continuing intermittently,” particularly in the Kitaf area in the north of Saada and in neighboring Amran province, the source told AFP.

The source did not say when the men had died.

A spokesman for the Wahabi / salafists, Khaled al-Azzani, confirmed the toll to AFP.

An official from the Huthi Ansarullah (Partisans of God) group, Ali al-Bakheeti, said the clashes in Amran had left dead and wounded, without elaborating.

Fighting erupted in late October in the Saada town of Dammaj, home to a Wahabi / Salafist mosque and Quranic school for Wahabi preachers, reportedly after an attack by Huthi rebels on one of their mosques.

The Huthis, named after their late leader Abdel Malek al-Huthi, are part of the Zaidi Shiite community.

They rose up in 2004 against the government of ex-president Ali Abdullah Saleh, who have practically marginalized them politically and economically. As purely on Sectarian Basis , as they were the followers of Ahlul Bayt , and Plus they were in Majority in the strategic area bordering Saudi Arabia , which is very troublesome for the Wahabi Saudi Rulers , who feel insecure in the Presence of Huthi Fighters , who have even once challenged the Saudi Government even, from the Frontiers.

The Mode of Operation of Saudi Backed Wahabi School of thought in any Land around the World is that They first Inject their Agent in the Disguise of the Prayer Leader in the targeted area and then a Islamic Seminary Popularly Known as a Madressa , Where Muslim Children are being taught Quran and Islamic Ideology and History , is being Built to accommodate and facilitate the Students , but instead these Saudi backed Wahabis use these Prestigious Institutions for their Nefarious designs of Propagating Sectarianism and Hate Culture against the Followers of Other Sects of Islam and Like wise other Religions and thus , creating an atmosphere to change the Innocent Young Children of the area into Killing Machines , which they use for their Design and Desire to capture the Land and area to get the financial and Personal benefits as they are doing it World wide , and as their ancestors have done in the past , in the foot steps of Yazid and his followers .

The same is the case with the Madressa Dar Ul Hadith ( Islamic School ) in the Town Center of Dammaj which has been changed into “ A Real Barracks for thousands of Armed Wahabi Foreigner Terrorist ” and now these trained and Nurtured Terrorist are being used against the Houthi Shia Rebels , who are fighting against the Injustice Imposed on them By the Saudi Backed Ex President of Yemen , Ali Abdullah Al Saleh .

Heavily armed tribes in the area have deployed forces in Saada and neighboring provinces to try to loosen the Huthis’ stranglehold on Saada.

It has not been possible to compile a precise toll for the fighting, as the region is virtually inaccessible to journalists.

Azzani told AFP on Friday that the salafist camp had suffered “180 dead, including 23 children and four women, and 510 wounded.”

“Among the dead there are foreign students, originally from the Maghreb ( East ) , Europe, France and America,” he said without giving further details.

He called the situation in Dammaj “tragic,” accusing Huthis of bombarding the town with heavy weapons.

Bakheeti, however, described the violence as a “tribal, and not a sectarian, war as it is presented by the salafists.”

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