Taliban Take Over from CIA starts in Afghanistan , as 2 Afghan Women hanged By Taliban

Afghan Taliban Execute WomenJNN 21 Dec 2013 Kabul : An Afghan policewoman and a pregnant teacher were hanged and their bodies dumped by Taliban within a few kilometres of a foreign military base were recently handed over to Afghan control, officials said on Thursday.

The two women, one a policewoman and mother of two Feroza and the other a teacher Malalai – like many in Afghanistan the pair use only one name – were kidnapped on Monday in the conservative southern province of Uruzgan, said Abdullah Hemat, a spokesman for the provincial governor.

“A postmortem examination shows that both were hanged,” he said.

Successive, often deadly, assaults on women working in state institutions are fuelling concern that hard-won women’s rights promoted by the United States and its allies are eroding ahead of the end of the Nato-led combat mission next year.

Several female police officers have been killed in southern provinces in recent months.

The Taliban are known to target female officials working for the US -backed government, although some attacks have been linked to family feuds and male relatives outraged that the women are going out to work.

The bodies were found in an area of provincial capital Tirin Kot on Wednesday, said provincial police chief Matiullah Khan. He believes both killings were linked to family feuds.

Australian and US forces had managed security in the province since 2005. That ended on December 11 when they formally handed over control of the province to Afghan security forces.

The place where the women’s bodies were found is only a few kilometres from the Tirin Kot base where the hand-over ceremony occurred.

Australian forces left the province on Sunday.

The US and the allied forces Invaded Afghanistan in Oct ‘2001 , in the name of War against Terrorism , But since then neither the terrorism have ended , nor their self created Taliban and Allied Terrorist Networks have ever been dismantled or have been deleted , rather we see a surge in the terrorism around the world after their Invasion of Aghanistan , Iraq & Libya by US Forces , and now as they have already left , as the People of Iraq never let them stay more , after they got the Democracy Restored , but it is observed that even after the departure of the Official US and allied forces Departure from Iraq , the terrorism in Iraq has once again been shot up , as the terrorist are deep rooted in the country . And they have been placed in such a manner in the country , that even after the departure of US and allied forces , they are calling their shots and their infested terrorist Networks are so strong and Powerful , that even the Legitimate Democratically Elected Government is unable to control the menace of the terrorism from the Country , and there is a high Level of escalation in terrorism in Iraq , during recent times.

Same is the case with the Libya, as there is Uncontrollable waves of terrorism , with NO Powerful Government in Place to fight the menace of terrorism.

Now in the case of Afghanistan the US Wants to keep their about 15 Thousand Troops in different US bases in the Country , But as the Afghans are also not in the favour of such Agreement , so now as they are Handing over One area after Another to the Local Afghan Law Enforcement Agencies , the rate of Terrorism is once again rising , as it looks like that it is a Punishment to the Afghan Government for not accepting the US terms of departure , as they don’t want complete Withdrawl of their force from the country , and want to leave behind such a Number of forces , so they can keep their Hegemony in the region , as otherwise the Afghans will be harshly punished , for not entertaining their demands before and after their so called withdrawal from Afghanistan.

As the B Team of CIA , The Talibans are ready to implement the Punishment , levied by the US Government . And thus such actions of Terrorism against Innocent Women , Men and children will be increased to remind the People of Afghanistan , that they are not at the mercy of the terrorist Taliban , if the US has to do a complete exit , as they have set an example in Iraq and Libya  , which was even done in Afghanistan itself during the Era of Taliban Rule in Afghanistan , when the Men , Women , and children were executed on simple mistakes of theirs , and the sectarianism was on the extreme ends in the Taliban Majority areas , which were even ruled by them , as they did the Massacre of the Shia Population of Mazar Shariff in their Era .

But now the Situation may not be as much favourable for the US trained Taliban as they only dominate in 8 Pashtun speaking Provinces of Afghanistan , out of 32 Provinces which are led and ruled by different War lords , Mostly which of them belong to the Previously Northern Alliance ruled by Ahmed Shah Masood , who was killed in a Suicide attack by Taliban . While these War Lords are at Daggers Drawn to the Taliban , and even the Taliban , Do not dare to challenge them as they have already Proven their Might and Power in their Areas .

So now CIA is planning to Integrate the Taliban in the New Elected Government of Afghanistan, as the General Elections are scheduled to be done in March 2014 , so if all is done as per their Plan then their infested Taliban get in a better Position to implement their Policies , dictated by CIA .

Now the Afghanistan Invasion by US is being reversed , as when the US Invaded Afghanistan in 2001 , NO resistance was shown from any Taliban fighter , who were running a complete Government , and it is the time to pay back , and now the CIA is slowly and gradually Handing over the same Rule back to their , Nurtured Taliban from whom they took the charge without firing a single Bullet or Killing any Body . As it was mutually agreed upon as per their Plan, before it all started.


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