JI’s Munawar Hassan commits Blasphemy , By Declaring Osama Bin Laden as ” Syed us Shuhuda”

JI's Ameer Munawar Hassan , A traitor of PakJNN 30 Jan 2014 Karachi : Pro-Taliban Saudi Stooge Jamaat-e-Islami leader Munawar Hassan openly commits Blasphemy By calling Osama bin Ladin as ‘Syead us-Shuhada’. Continue reading

We will not negotiate with Terrorist, they are Saudi sponsored : Iraqi PM

Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al MalikiJNN 29 Jan 2014 Baghdad : Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki has again reiterated that he will not enter negotiations with terrorists, saying that crushing terrorists is one of the priorities of the current Iraqi government. At the same time he lashed out at neighboring Saudi Arabia for backing terrorist groups operating inside his country. Continue reading

Prominent Sunni Cleric Condemns Wahabi Saudi Monarchy Backing Dictatorship in Egypt

Egypt orders arrest of Qatar’s Sheikh QaradawiJNN 28 Jan 2014 Doha : A prominent Gulf-based Sunni Muslim cleric called on Saudi Arabia to stop backing Egypt’s military-dominated authorities, accusing them of using Saudi money to kill Egyptians protesting at the overthrow in July of an elected Islamist president. Continue reading

New Year Sacrifices to the Nation , 47 Shia Martyred in the Month of Jan 2014 , Pakistan

Shuhuda of Jan 2014 PakistanJNN 27 Jan 2014 Karachi : The New Year started with a lot of Hopes that with the Changed Leadership of  Pakistan Army as it may waken up and do their Job of Defending the Nation against the Threats within the Country , and a Long Over Due action against the Takfiri Terrorists which are now a threat not only to the Shia community but for all the Peace loving Citizens of the World . And Most of all for the Nation itself, as they are openly challenging the Integrity of Pakistan. Continue reading

UAE Government Abuser of Power against Civil Liberties and Human Rights – HRW

Emirati blogger and human rights activisJNN 26 Jan 2013 The Recent Report Published by the Human Rights Watch , Highlights the Atrocities of Repressive Government of UAE , as the Abuser of Civil Liberties & Human Rights . Condemning their Ban on the Right of Free Speech , And an Option to Practice the Choose  the Religion & Sect to follow. Continue reading

Google’s Smart Contact Lens , Monitor Glucose Level with out Needles

Google smart contact lens: monitor glucose level without needlesJNN 19 Jan 2014 New York : Google has unveiled a contact lens that monitors glucose levels in tears, a potential reprieve for millions of diabetics who have to jab their fingers to draw their own blood as many as 10 times a day. Continue reading

Protest Sit Ins Across Pakistan ended , as the Govt. assures of Targeted Operation against the Terrorists

Protest Sit In Negotiation with Government Successful 23 Jan 2014 aJNN 24 Jan 2014 QUETTA: Sit-in protests in Quetta and across Pakistan by the Shia Community Members in accordance with the families of Martyred pilgrims killed in the Mastung blast ended on Thursday Night after Federal Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar and Information Minister Pervaiz Rasheed gave their complete assurance that a targeted Surgical Operation will be done very soon against the terrorist and the threat of terrorism and will be dealt with Iron Hand Jafria News reported on Thursday. Continue reading

Parachanar Under Curfew

Parachanar Under CurfewJNN 23 Jan 2014 PARACHINAR: The Kurram Agency political administration imposed curfew in Parachinar, the administrative headquarters of the agency, on Saturday night for indefinite period to avert a clash between two rival groups in the town, officials said. Continue reading

Makkah’s residents Demand for Revival & Restoration of Historic well

Makkah's Historic WellJNN 20 Jan 2014 Jeddah : Residents of Makkah have asked that signs be erected so people know the location of the historic well Tuwa, which is not known to many people even though pilgrims and Umrah performers wish to visit the site. Continue reading

Finally Pakistani Fighter Jets Bomb Taliban Hide Outs in North Waziristan

Pakistani Jets Bomb Taliban Hide Outs in North WaziristanJNN 23 Jan 2014 PESHAWAR : Fighter jets bombed suspected Taliban hideouts in a tribal area on the Afghan border on Tuesday killing at least 40 people, military sources and residents said, after a wave of insurgent attacks against security forces. Continue reading

27th Islamic Unity Conference Begins in Tehran

27th International Unity Conference in Tehran , Iran a

JNN 20 Jan 2014 Tehran : The 27th International Islamic Unity Conference kicked off Friday morning in a ceremony in Tehran.

President Hassan Rouhani officiated the opening ceremony at the International Summit Conference Hall in Tehran.

The event gathered over 380 religious leaders , researchers,thinker, clerics from both Shia & Sunni Sects  from over 58 countries, Muhammad al-Asi says the real effect starts to happen when these people go back to their communities.

“When they go back to whichever part of the country or the world they came from, they are going to go back with a message of reconciliation, and a message of common understanding. within the population base that they live in, so this goes a long way,” Imam Muhammad al-Asi from the Washington Islamic Center said.

The conference includes a general assembly as well as 6 commissions discussing different issues of the Muslim world, Islamic unity and the diplomacy of unity.

During the three-day event, a number of books featuring Muslim unity was unveiled and several influential figures in the field of Islamic unity was honored.

The participants also met with the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution, Ayatollah Khamenei.

The motto of this edition of the conference is “Holy Quran and Its Role in Muslim Ummah’s Unity”.

For the past three decades Iran has invited Islamic religious leaders, Sunni and Shia from all over the globe to Tehran, to discuss unity among Muslims. The Islamic Unity conference called for greater convergence among Muslim groups. The theme of this year’s event was the Quran and its role in unity.

“The holy Qur’an has the biggest role in uniting the Ummah, the holy Quran is the only book that all muslims recognize, there is no book or writing that comes close to the holy Quran. If we base our research and lifestyle on the holy book we will then find unity,” Molavi Abdol Hamid, a leading Iranian Sunni religious leader said.

Unity week in Iran is coming to an end, this week all Muslims Sunni or Shia celebrate the birth of the prophet of Islam. Religious scholar Ali al-Hakim said change towards Islamic unity is gradual.

“Any form of change or development should be in a form of a gradual process, it starts definitely with people’s minds with those who are thinkers.”

In the final speech at the event, Ayatollah Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani, The head of Iran’s Expediency Council called on Muslims of all different sects and groups to unite in the face of attempts to drive them apart.

“We are still far from the goals of this conference set years ago, I urge the leaders and clerics to double their efforts, as we really need the unity in the world of Islam at this time.”

In a final communiqué participants urged Muslims around the world to be wary of enemies’ plots that aim to create rifts among them. They also condemned any such attempts to wreak havoc on the Muslim world.

The 27th Islamic Unity Conference came to an end urging Muslims to unite on commonalities and using the holy book of Islam the Quran as a guide.

The Lebanese lawmaker, Khalil Hamdan, has said that the unity and vigilance of Muslims is a must in fending off the enemies and threats posed against the World of Islam.

According to IRIB World Service, citing IRNA, the Lebanese MP, in an address to 27th Islamic unity confab in Tehran on Sunday night, reminded that the Islamic Iran has made utmost efforts for materialization of Islamic solidarity; and the righteous path of the Founder of Islamic Republic of Iran, late Imam Khomeini (May his soul rest in peace) continues to this day.

This Lebanese MP emphasized that the World of Islam and Arab world are in urgent need of unity to be able to counter terrorist operations and acts of sabotage.

This Lebanese legislator said that the issue of Palestine has been excluded from the top priorities of the Islamic communities, while Muslims are engaged in clashes against each other.

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24 Martyred 40 Injured in a Bomb attack on the Shia Pilgrims Bus Near Mastung , Pakistan

Suicide Attack on the Shia Pilgrim Bus @ Mastung , Balochistan , 21 Jan 2014 eJNN 22 Jan 2014 Quetta : Twenty-Four Shiite pilgrims returning from Iran were Martyred and 40 others wounded when a bomb hit a bus on Tuesday evening near Dareen Garh area of Mastung, in the southwest Pakistan province of Baluchistan. Continue reading

Syrian militias met to agree on peace talks stance

Syrian National Council meets in Istanbul , TurkeyJNN 20 Jan 2014 Istanbul : Representatives of major Syrian rebel militias met in Ankara on Saturday to try to agree on a common stance for the upcoming peace talks in Switzerland next week, Reuters cited opposition sources as saying.  Continue reading

Libya Dis Integrated by Western Onslaught – Al Qaeda’s Safe Heaven

Residents walk on sand dunes in the Libyan desert oasis town of GhadamesJNN 20 Jan 2014 Tripoli : Swathed in a white turban and robes, Eissa Abdel Majid sits in his militia barracks on the edge of the desert describing a losing battle to stem the flow of armed militants with suspected links to al-Qaeda – who use it as a freeway across northern Africa. Continue reading

Hariri Bows to Might of Hezbollah in Lebanon , Ready to Share Power with them

Former Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri seen at the Special Tribunal for Lebanon in The Hague, The NetherlandsJNN 20 Jan 2014 Beirut : Former Lebanese Prime Minister Saad al-Hariri says he is now ready to share power with his rivals Hezbollah if that’s what it takes to help Lebanon finally form a government after nine months of political deadlock. Continue reading

Latest Russian Military Supplies Gears up Syrian Forces Loyal to Bashar ul Assad

Russian Military Aid to Syria Gears UpJNN 20 Jan 2014 Damascus : In recent weeks Russia has stepped up supplies of military gear to Syria, including armored vehicles, drones and guided bombs, boosting President Bashar al-Assad just as rebel infighting has weakened the insurgency against him, sources with knowledge of the deliveries say. Continue reading

Bahrain’s Opposition Sets Conditions for Dialogue , Release the Freedom Seeker from Jails First

Bahrain's Shia Cleric Sh. Essa & Mehmood Al MusawiJNN 20 Jan 2014 Manama : Bahrain’s senior Shia cleric Ayatollah Sheikh Issa Qassem said the main move that will pave the way for dialogue with the country’s ruling regime is the release of freedom-seekers held in prisons. Continue reading

More Than A Dozen Rohingya Muslims Killed by Buddhist Mob in Myanmar

Budhist Mob Kills Rohingya MuslimsJNN 19 Jan 2914 Yangoon : A Buddhist mob rampaged through a town in an isolated corner of Myanmar, hacking Muslim women and children with knives, a villager and a rights group reported, saying Friday that more than a dozen people may have been killed. Continue reading

21 including 13 Foreigners Killed in Suicide Bombings at a Restaurant in Kabul , Afghanistan

Suicide Attack On Hotel in Kabul Jan 2014JNN 19 Jan 2014 Kabul : Twenty one people, including 13 foreigners, were killed in Friday’s terror attack at the Lebanese Restaurant in Afghan capital Kabul, the Kabul police chief said Saturday. Continue reading

Stampede Kills 18 , injures 50 at the Funeral of Bohra Sect Spritual Leader Syedna Burhanuddin

Dawoodi Bohra Muslims crowd around the vehicle carrying the body of their spiritual leader Syedna Mohamed Burhanuddin during his funeral procession in MumbaiJNN 19 Jan 2014 Bombay : A STAMPEDE killed at least 18 people in India’s financial hub Mumbai on Saturday when a large crowd gathered to pay their last respects to  The spiritual leader of Muslim Shia sect Dawoodi Bohra, Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin, passed away Friday, at the age of 102. Continue reading

Govt Troops Re capture key town of Bor, defeating 15,000 rebels ,while 500,000 displaced by fighting in South Sudan

SPLA soldiers sing as they celebrate in Bentiu, Unity stateJNN 19 Jan 2014 Bor : South Sudanese government forces on Saturday recaptured the key town of Bor, defeating an army of thousands of rebels, an army spokesman said. UN relief office said Friday that nearly 500,000 people have been uprooted by the conflict erupted a month ago between the government and rebels in South Sudan. Continue reading

Muslim Scientist Prediction and Calculation Led to the discovery of America

Muslim Scientist Abu Rehan Al BeruniJNN 17 Jan 2014 Karachi : For centuries, the world has given Spanish explorer Christopher Columbus to be the man who discovered the Americas (never mind the people who already lived there). Continue reading

Pressure mounts on Syrian Opposition to Sign up for Peace talks

John Kerry On Visit for Syrian OppositionJNN 14 Jan 2014 New York : U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry and top envoys from 10 other countries are raising the pressure on Syria’s main opposition group to attend peace talks that would bring it face-to-face with the Syrian government, AP reported.  Continue reading

Iran, world powers agree to start implementing nuclear deal on Jan. 20

EU Foreign Policy Chief Catherine Ashton & Irani FM Mohd. Javed ZarifJNN 14 Jan 2014 Geneva : Iran and six leading world powers, the P5+1, have agreed to implement the nuclear deal reached in Geneva in November starting from January 20. Under the agreement, Tehran receives sanction relief in return for steps to curb its nuclear program. Continue reading

Thousands of Turkish protesters condemn Erdogan government

Turkish Protest against Ergogan GovernmentJNN 14 Jan 2014 Istanbul : Tens of thousands of Turkish demonstrators took to the streets in capital Ankara Saturday in protest against Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s government, which has been rocked by a vast corruption probe. Continue reading

Thai protesters ‘shut down’ Bangkok in bid to oust PM

Thai Protesters Shut Down BangkokJNN 14 Jan 2014 Bangkok : Thousands on Monday blocked roads leading to the heart of Thailand’s capital, Bangkok, in a bid to force out Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra and replace her with a transitional government, calling the operation “Bangkok Shutdown.” Continue reading

700 Wahabi Terrorist Killed in fighting Between Al Qaeda linked Groups and ISIL in Syria

Saudi Wahabi Terrorist linked Al QaedaJNN 14 Jan 2014 Damascus : The Islamist State of Iraq and the Levant has killed Hundreds of rival Wahabi rebels in Syria over the last couple of days as the Al-Qaeda-linked group regained most of the territory it lost in the northeastern Raqqa province, according to activists. Continue reading

27th International Muslim Unity Conference to be attended by 1380 Shia & Sunni Scholars from around the World

27th International Unity Conference in Tehran , IranJNN 13 Jan 2014 TEHRAN – The 27th International Islamic Unity Conference will be held in Iran’s capital, Tehran, from January 17-19 with the presence of the country’s President, Hassan Rouhani., the secretary general of the World Forum for Proximity of Islamic Schools of Thought announced on Tuesday. Continue reading

US Singer Jennifer Grout Embraces Islam On Video

US Singer Jennifer Grout converts to IslamJNN 13 Jan 2014 Casablanca : Jennifer Grout, an American singer who fascinated the Arab world after reaching the final three of the talent competition “Arabs Got Talent” has reportedly reverted to Islam during her stay in Morocco to study Arabic language, Morocco World News reported on Monday, January 6.  Continue reading

Shiite Majority Province of Karbala Provides Safety & Shelter to Sunni Families fleeing Terrorist held Fallujah & Ramadi

Iraqi Sunni take refuge in Shiite Areas

JNN 13 Jan 2014 Baghdad : As militants hold parts of Ramadi and all of Fallujah, in Anbar province, Sunni families are now seeking safety in the Shi’ite-majority Karbala province.  Continue reading

Holy Shrine of Syeda Sukena Bint Hussain Liberated from the Takfiri Terrorist

Exclusive video of liberation of Hazrat Sakina shrine in SyriaJNN 13 Jan 2104 Damascus : Syrian troops have success to liberate the holy shrine of Sayeda Sukayna or Sakina (AS), the daughter of Imam Hussein (AS), during an operation near the Syrian capital, Damascus, Media reports. Continue reading

Pakistani Shia Boy Pride of the Nation , Iron wall against the Terrorist , Nominated for Sitara e Shujaat

Shaheed Aitzaz Hussain BangashJNN 12 Jan 2014 Hangu : Prime Minister Nawaz Shariff has already sent his recommendation to the President Mamnoon Hussain , for the Sitara e Shujaat for Brave and Young Shia Boy Aitzaz Hussain Bangash. Continue reading

Bahraini regime ends talks with Shia opposition , attack protesters in Marakh

Bahriani Forces attack ProtestersJNN 12 Jan 2014 Manama : The Bahraini regime has suspended reconciliation talks with Shia opposition leaders amid ongoing protests in the country. Security forces in Bahrain have attacked anti-regime protesters in a village west of the capital, Manama, wounding two people. Continue reading

USA a Threat to the World , Killed More than Ten Million People around the World

US CIA's trained Gurella fightersJNN 08 Jan 2014 New York : The United States of America has been voted as the most significant threat to world peace in a survey across 68 different countries. Anti-American sentiment was not only recorded in antagonistic countries, but also in many allied NATO partners like Turkey and Greece. Continue reading