USA a Threat to the World , Killed More than Ten Million People around the World

US CIA's trained Gurella fightersJNN 08 Jan 2014 New York : The United States of America has been voted as the most significant threat to world peace in a survey across 68 different countries. Anti-American sentiment was not only recorded in antagonistic countries, but also in many allied NATO partners like Turkey and Greece.

A global survey conducted by the Worldwide Independent Network and Gallup at the end of 2013 revealed strong animosity towards the U.S. role as the world’s policeman. Citizens across over 60 nations were asked: “Which country do you think is the greatest threat to peace in the world today?”

The U.S. topped the list, with 24 percent of people believing America to be the biggest danger to peace. Pakistan came second, with 8 percent of the vote and was closely followed by China with 6 percent.

The threat from the U.S. was rated most highly in the Middle East and North Africa, those areas most recently affected by American military intervention. Moreover, the survey showed that even Americans regard their country as a potential threat with 13 percent of them voting the U.S. could disrupt global status quo.

Latin America expressed mixed feelings towards its northerly neighbor, with Peru, Brazil and Argentina all flagging the U.S. as the most dangerous country.

After its numerous threats of a strike on Iran, many countries voted Israel was the biggest threat to prosperity. Morocco, Lebanon and Iraq all chose Israel as the number one danger to world peace.

In the survey participants were also asked: “If there were no barriers to living in any country of the world, which country would you like to live in?” Despite being the perceived largest threat to world peace, the US still topped the tables by a narrow margin of 9 percent.

In general 2013 saw a drop in approval ratings for the Obama Administration. A poll conducted by the AP-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research revealed that 50 percent of those asked thought that the political system in the U.S. needed a “complete overhaul.”

In addition, 70 percent of Americans believe the government lacks the ability to make progress on the important problems and issues facing the country in 2014.”

The survey comes two months after the first government shutdown in 17 years in the U.S. which cost the country an estimated $10 billion.

The American government’s credibility was dealt a blow earlier this year when President Obama made a call to strike Syria following a suspected chemical weapons attack by on civilians. The American public and the international community both opposed the action.

And the People around the world fear and hate US , is not just due to its Interference in other countries internal matters , but as a result of these interventions and Operations Millions of Human Beings are Being Killed due to US Policy of Maintaining its Hegemony in the International Politics .

How many people have been killed by America??

January 8, 2014 at 3:57am

This is like a really rough look at how many NON-AMERICANS  killed since the 30s via military and economic intervention, rounded generally down to the nearest thousand

1940s – nuked Japan.
Death toll: 145,000 to date in Nagasaki, 250,000 in Hiroshima

1947-49 – U.S. helps command extreme-right Greece party in Civil War.
Death toll: about 70,000 contributed by US-backed forces

1948-54 – CIA directs war against Huk Rebellion in Philippines.
Death toll: about 11,000

1950 – Independence movement crushed in Ponce, Puerto Rico
Death toll: conservative historians estimated about 8,000 peasants

1950-53 – Korean War
Death toll: about 1,776,000

1952 – CIA overthrows Democracy in Iran, installs Shah
Death toll: about 20,000

1954 – CIA directs invasion of Guatemala after new Democracy there nationalized U.S.-occupied lands
Death toll: about 140,000 missing and dead

1958 – In Lebanon, marine occupation against rebels
Death toll: about 2,000

1960-75+ – Vietnam War including Cambodia and Laos
Death toll: about 4,502,000 including civilians and resulting famines (conservative estimates)

1961 – Cuba’s Bay of Pigs Invasion fails
Death toll: about 4,000

1963 – In Iraq, CIA organizes coup against President and agrees to back formerly exiled Saddam
Death toll: about 7,000 including civilians

1964 – In Panama, troops kill protesters against US-owned canal
Death toll: about 1,000

1965 – CIA assists Indonesian coup
Death toll: about 900,000

1966 – Troops and bombers threaten pro-communist parties in Dominican Republic
Death toll: about 3,000

1966-96 – Green berets in Guatemala against rebels, US backs pro-American forces in country until 1996
Death toll: about 200,000

1970 – Directs marine invasion of Oman
Death toll: about 2,000

1973 – CIA directs coup to oust elected Marxist president in Chile
Death toll: 30,000… 3,000 later disappeared under US-installed dictator

1976-92 – CIA assists South-African rebels in Angola
Death toll: median estimate at 550,000

1979 – 89 – CIA’s Proxy war which led to the break up of the USSR , and was financed by Saudi Arabia and US , and was executed by the Pakistani Army , due to which about 14,000 Soviet Combat Soldiers Killed ,and about 75 – 90,000 Mujahideen ( Afghans & Pakistani ) Killed

1981-90 – CIA directs Contra invasions in Nicaragua
Death toll: median estimate at 30,000

1982-84 – Marines expel Lebanese rebels, aided by Israel
Death toll: 40,000

1987-88 – US intervenes for Iraq against Iran
Death toll: about 150,000 during time-frame, 100,000 during Desert Storm, 350,000 from resulting famine

1989 – US invades to oust CIA-installed Panamanian government gone rouge
Death toll: 2,000

1992-94 – US-led occupation of Somalia during civil war
Death toll: 50,000 in combat, 300,000 by starvation

2001+ – US Occupies Afghanistan
Death toll: 120,000 including civilians and combatants and resulting Opium Wars , Plus about 50,000 Pakistanis who were killed due to the terrorism Infested by CIA  in Pakistan.

2003+ – Iraqi War
Death toll: 665,000 also by starvation, displacement

TOTAL: 10,585,000

And that doesn’t even include POWs, classified information, and WW2 per-nuke!

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