The Biased Pakistani court orders Musharraf’s arrest , suffering from Severe Heart Disease

Ex President of Pakistan General Pervaiz Musharaf aJNN 02 Feb 2014 ISLAMABAD — A court in Pakistan on Friday ordered the arrest of former President Pervez Musharraf in a high treason case as he has not appeared in the court despite several orders, court officials said.

A three-member bench also rejected Musharraf’s request of allowing him to go abroad for medical treatment as his name is included in the list of those who cannot leave the country.

Musharraf was taken to a military hospital earlier this month when he was heading to the court to stand in the high treason case.

The former military president is still under treatment at the Armed Forces Institute of Cardiology in the garrison city of Rawalpindi near Islamabad.

The hospital had presented a medical report in the court last week and the court ruled that there is nothing serious in the report to stop Musharraf from court’s appearance.

The court, while delivering verdict on Musharraf’s medical report, issued bailable arrest warrant for the former military ruler. The court adjourned the hearing until Feb. 7.

Defense lawyers of Musharraf had earlier insisted that their client could not appear because of his poor health condition and had also opposed arrest warrant.

Special prosecutor, Akram Sheikh, had prayed to the court to issue Musharraf’s arrest warrant as he intentionally avoided appearance in the court.

Last week a medical report had suggested an immediate angiography for Musharraf as his lawyers said he suffered from heart problem.

The medical report said Musharraf has refused to undergo angiography in Pakistan and wants it outside the country and in hospital of his choice.

As all facilities of angiography are available at the AFIC, the report called for a decision about the angiography as soon as possible.

The court had earlier observed that Musharraf is not too sick to avoid appearance. Medical experts said that all facilities for his treatment are available in Pakistan and there is no need to take him out of the country for treatment.

The court in its Friday’s order also said that all facilities for Musharraf’s treatment is available in Pakistan and that he cannot go abroad for treatment. It said the AFIC conducts thousands of heart operations every year. The court ruled that Musharraf can get treatment in the country.

The court ordered the Islamabad police chief to implement the court’s order. The court ordered Musharraf to submit surety bonds. The order said the court cannot force the government to remove the name of the former President from the Exit Control List.

The former president, who is accused of abrogating the constitution in 2007, cannot leave the country as his name is included in the ECL ( Exit Control List ) list of those who need special permission to go abroad.

Musharraf had already got bails in three high profile cases including the 2007 assassination of former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto. She was killed in a suicide bomb attack and gunshots during Musharraf’s rule in Rawalpindi.

Independent Analyst are of the view that the Present PM Nawaz Shariff , who was removed in a coup in 1998 when the then Top Army Brass Decided that the Country was in a state where it was Near to a Bankruptcy , and the Terrorism was at its Top , as per our Reports the Then PM Nawaz Shariff had even Made Plans to Legalize Talibanization , on such a Level that He was Ready to Declare the Taliban style of Government , By Declaring Himself as Amir ul Momineen , which is the Taliban style of Government of Khilafat , As he was in 100% in Liaison with the Saudi Wahabi Monarchy .

And in the same frame of Mind , he even Tried to Danger the Life of the Sitting Chief of Army Staff , who was on his way back from his foreign trip , tried to Hijack his Plane in Air , By not letting the Plane Land in the Limits of Pakistan , When it was Low on Fuel , and the Life of the Sitting Army Chief , and the other Passengers was in Deep Danger , and the General would have Lost his Life in the Stunt .

And finally when The Top Army Brass , took the decision to take Control of Whole of the Situation , and As a Result a Coup went On , and Nawaz Shariff was taken in Custody ,And then Musharaf’s Plane was allowed to Land in Karachi safely and Soundly. And He was also Handed over the Reigns of the Government as the Chief Executive of Pakistan.

As in the Follow up a Case was also Constituted against Nawaz Shariff , Regarding his orders of Not letting the Plane of the then Army Chief of Pakistan Land on any of the Pakistani Airports and Endangering His Life and the lives of the other Passengers on the Plane, In which he  was Convicted of Plane Hijacking in the Mid Air , and was even awarded the Capital Punishment , But on the Interference of Saudi Government , as He was always their favorite for towing their agenda of Talibanization of Pakistan.

For which Musharraf showed his Open Heartedness and Pardoned his Punishment , on the Condition that he ll not return to Pakistan for atleast 10 Years , and Now with the Turn of Events and International Conspiracies against Pakistan , Nawaz Shariff was Once again able to reach the Office of Pakistani Premiership , and as the Brave Musharraf , came back to face all the fabricated Cases against him in the Court of Law , he is now Being Victimized , due to Personal Vendetta of PM Nawaz Shariff , and is trying to Implicate and convict him , In one or the other case , so he can get even with him .

So now As Musharraf has been given Bail in the last 3 cases , which were even fabricated against him, and as now the Ex Army General is being Tried in another case ,which was even fabricated against him by the Ex Chief Justice of Pakistan.

Who even Constituted a 3Member Court which is totally Biased against Musharraf , as all the Local Agents of the Foreign Conspirators are trying to get him vindicated in a case , where they can make him an Example for the future Generations , as who stands against the enemies of Pakistan and does want to Build and Make Pakistan Appear on the World Map as a Powerful Nation , should be given such a lesson , that even No Body even in the Next Generation , should think of such Patriotic Plans.

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