Negotiation with Terrorist of Banned Organisation Against the Constitution of Pakistan

Negotiation with Killers of Martyrs is High TeasonJNN 02 Feb 2014 ISLAMABAD: The PM Nawaz Shariff led PML – N Government which is Head over Heals in giving concessions to the Taliban Terrorists Under the Cover of Peace Negotiations with them , is Totally against the Constitution of Pakistan.

As the Constituation Does not allow to Negotiate with the Terrorists / Proclaimed offenders of Banned Organisations Like Tehrik e Taliban Pakistan , who are Not only the Killers of More than 55,000 Innocent Pakistani Men , Women and Children , which Includes the Armed forces Personnel and LEA’s Personnel.

The PML – N government faces a Legal cum Moral dilemma as it gets ready for talks with the Tehreek-i-Taliban Pakistan, one of the 60 outfits officially banned and declared as terrorist organisations.

The government keeps on saying that negotiations with the TTP would be held within the framework of the Constitution, but Legal experts believe that there is no room in the Constitution to enter into a dialogue with terrorist groups.

Asked if the government was considering lifting a ban on TTP before the start of talks, Information Minister Pervez Rasheed told Dawn there was no such possibility and the status quo would be maintained.

The TTP, with Baitullah Mehsud as its head, came into being in Dec 2007 – five months after the Lal Masjid operation, which was considered to be the Origination Point of the Terrorist Organisation , banned on Aug 25, 2008.

The TTP has Officially claimed responsibility for a number of terrorist attacks, including suicide bombings on military convoys, and it is accused of killing a thousands of Innocent Civilians.

TTP was never shown its willingness to Hold Negotiations ,and since its Inception is continuosly busy in its terrorism and Anti State Activities , but Since the Recent Change in the Army Top Brass , and its stance against the terrorism and the Anti State / Anti Armed Forces Stance , of which the Armed Forces have taken a severe Notice and had even taken a Action ,with which the TTP Leadership has come to its sense that the Political Leadership , now could not Safe Guard them , while the Pakistani Army , also Looks ready to teach them the Lesson of their Life.

While the final attack of the TTP which killed a number of Frontier Corps personnel in Bannu it was a Nail in the Coffin , and after which as the Pak Armed Forces Launched Two Serious Raids on the Terrorist Hide Outs in Mir Ali ,the Terrorist of Tehrik e Taliban Pakistan have come to their senses and  have offered to come to the Negotiation Table , with the Pakistani Government .

While the Political Leadership who is Bound to serve the Interest of their Saudi Masters , as they have come to Power in Pakistani Politics Once again , Due to the Support of the Saudi Monarchy, So still is trying to give Protection to these terrorist Organisations , as it is quite evident from the fact that at least three out of 5 Of the Persons Nominated from the TTP side , are the same Persons , who were also Contacted and Nominated from the Pakistani Government side, which Includes the Names of Maulana Sami Ul Haq , JUI – S , The Chief of the Madressa e Haqania , Okara Khattak , Maulana Abdul Aziz , the Pesh Imam of the Lal Masjid , Which was the Origination Point of the TTP , who refused to sit on the Pakistani Government side of the Negotiation Table , but accepted His Nomination from the TTP to Negotiate with the Govt on their Behalf, And Last But not the least , who is a well known advocate of Negotiation and No Punitive Action against the Traitors of Pakistan and Terrorist of TTP , Mr. Imran Khan PTI,

As it is quite evident in the first Phase of the Negotiation and the selection of the Nominees for Negotiations , that if the People who are tilted towards the TTP’s stance and are their favourite on both side of the Negotiation Table , then what will be the Negotiation , As then all will not be negotiating while they will be finding ways to give more concessions to the Terrrorists of TTP , and their accommodation in the Future Political Set up of Pakistan , who are the Proven Traitors of Pakistan .

Now It is test of time that On One side the PML – N Led Nawaz Shariff’s Govt is So Much Keen and Bound to Plead the Case of High Treason against the Ex Army General and President of Pakistan , who had taken action against the Terrorist of Lal Masjid , and on the Other Hand the same PML – N Govt is Ready to go against the Constitution of Pakistan , which does not allow to Negotiate with the Proclaimed Offenders of Banned Organistion . But they are ready to Negotiate and give concessions to the Traitors of Pakistan , and Killers of thousands of Innocent Pakistani Men , Women and children , including Murders of Personnel of Armed Forces.

When a government official was asked to comment on the idea of holding talks with an outlawed organisation, he said it was a decision taken by all political parties represented at the all-party conference in September.

While the Forum to make amendments in the Present Constitution of Pakistan is the Parliament and not any All Parties Conference .As even there is a vast Majority in Pakistan who have even reservations on the All Parties Conference , As even the Most Aggrieved and the worst victims of this terrorism were not given due representation in the so called All Parties Conference .

The government has banned 60 terrorist organisations so far.

Al Qaeda, Tehreek-i-Nifaz-i-Shariat-i-Muhammadi, Lashkar-e-Taiba, Sipah e Sahaba Pakistan , Lashkar e Jhangvi , Tehreek-i-Jafria Pakistan, Tehreek-i-Islami, Ansarul Islam and Balochistan Liberation Army are among the groups that were banned from 2001 to 2010.

People’s Amn Committee, Lyari, Karachi, Markazi Sabeel Organisation, Gilgit, and Tanzeem Naujawanan-i-Sunnat, Gilgit were outlawed in 2011.

Anjuman-i-Imania Gilgit-Baltistan and Muslim Students Organisation, Gilgit-Baltistan, Al-Harmain Foundation, Rabita Trust and Tanzeem Ahle Sunnat Wal Jamaat were among the outfits that were outlawed in 2012.

Khana-i-Hikmat, Tehrik-i-Taliban, Bajaur, Tehrik-i-Taliban Mohmand, Tehrik-i-Taliban Swat, 313 Brigade, Abdullah Azam Brigade and Baloch Students Organisation Azad were banned in 2013.

2 thoughts on “Negotiation with Terrorist of Banned Organisation Against the Constitution of Pakistan

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  2. nawaz’s govt can only be compared to a cowboy builder.They go on making rules as they go along.constitution is just a word to be used when they run out of excuses.They are well below the third world country in law and order,Basic human rights are just cosemetic,Lets be realisic- who is negotiaing with whom?nawaz and imran both are propped up by their takfiri masters.TTP is fully sponsored by the wahabis.Now figure this out-who is negotiating with who?add to the mystery the zionism factor!So where does this leave the army?The army is happy to watch the goings on of the comedians and when it gets bored , it will take over the control of the country-which it is doing so and has done so !

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