Clashes Re erupt after a Fragile Truce between Shia Houthi Fighters and Wahabi / Salafi Terrorists

Shia Houthis fighters of Yemen Clashes with Salafi terroristsJNN 08 Feb 2014 Sana’a : Clashes have broken out between Yemen’s Houthi Shia fighters and Wahabi / Salafist Terrorists  near the capital Sana’a, despite an earlier ceasefire between the warring parties. Continue reading

NY Mayor Plans to Close the Schools on Eid & 1st Muharram Holidays

Mayor De Blasio Announces City Dropping Stop-And-Frisk AppealJNN 08 Feb 2014 New York : Muslim families in New York City have been requesting official recognition for Islamic holidays in public schools for years now, but they may finally see some changes under new Mayor Bill de Blasio. Continue reading

Drunk Ukrainian Hijacker Fooled by the Turkish Airline Cabin Crew

Ukrainian Hijacker of Turkish PlaneJNN 08 Feb 2014 ISTANBUL — A passenger aboard a commercial airline flight from Ukraine to Turkey tried to hijack it to Sochi, Russia, on Friday after the Winter Olympics had started, but the plane landed safely in Istanbul and the hijacker — apparently deluded by the crew into thinking he was in Sochi — was taken into custody, Turkish news reports said. Continue reading

Holy Shrine of Lady Sakina Bintul Hussain , Once again targeted by the Takfiri / Wahabi Terrorist in Damascus , Syria

Shrine of Bibi Sakina Binte Hussain a.s Damaged 05 Feb 2014 gJNN 07 Feb 2014 Damascus : Wahabi / Takfiri terrorists in Syria Once again targeted the shrine of Bibi Sakinah Bintul Hussain a.s , the daughter of the third Shi’a Imam, Hussain ibn-Ali (P), in Daraa – Syria on Wednesday. Continue reading