Militants Surrender to Syrian Govt., Hassan Nasrullah reaffirms his support for Asad’s Govt.

Terrorist surrender to Syrian Govt forcesJNN 19 Feb 2014 Damascus : Militants in the Rif Dimashq Governorate in the southwestern part of the country have surrendered themselves to government forces to put an end to a painful period during which the armed terrorist groups wreaked havoc in region. Hassan Nasrallah reaffirm support for the Bashar Al Asad’s Government .

According to Al-Alam correspondent in Syria, gunmen in Babila, Beit Sahim, Yalda and Aqraba towns in Damascus countryside handed over their weapons to army troops after they recognized the terrorists aimed at destroying Syria.

Several families have returned to their homes in the towns after government forces gained full control of region.

The move came after the militants and the government reached a deal, which prepares the ground for return of civilians to their homes.

On February 5, Syria’s Committee of National Reconciliation said more than 1,200 Syrian families had returned home in the south of the country following a truce brokered by the committee.

Many hope for similar truce deals aimed at ending the fierce fighting between the Syrian army and Takfiri militants in other parts of the crisis-torn country.

Pro-Hezbollah song angers Syrian opposition

Meanwhile, a song saluting Hezbollah’s campaign against foreign-backed militants in the Qalamoun region of Syria has outraged members of the Syrian opposition.

Ali Barakat, a singer of religious anthems, posted the video on YouTube Thursday.

The video has received more than 40,000 views and several other YouTube postings of the song have also appeared, meaning an even higher viewership.

The nearly six-minute-long anthem “Ihsam Nasrak bi Yabroud,” addressed to the party and its supporters, can be loosely translated as “Achieve your decisive victory in Yabroud.”

The song’s lyrics, which salute Hezbollah’s role in earlier campaigns against the towns of Nabk and Qusair, and label the Syrian militants as “takfiri” extremists, enraged opposition supporters.

The video that accompanies the song features a map of the area, with the yellow Hezbollah flag planted in and fluttering over Yabroud.

It also contains shots of the party’s fighters conducting mock battles, mixed with actual footage of military operations, presumably from the resistance movement’s earlier exploits in Syria.

Hassan Nasrallah Reaffirm’s His Stance to Back Asad’s Govt

Hezbollah chief Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah said Sunday that his party would fight on in Syria despite the wave of car bombings targeting predominantly Shia areas in Lebanon controlled by the group.

“I will not repeat what I explained before about the reason we went to Syria and why we are staying where we should be,” Nasrallah said during a televised speech commemorating three martyred Hezbollah leaders.

Nasrallah warned that takfiri forces posed a threat to the entire region and that all of Lebanon was a target. “Lebanon is targeted by these takfiri groups and they would have come sooner or later regardless of our involvement in Syria,” he said.

He also accused Israel and the United States of benefiting from takfiri plots in the region.

Nasrallah has argued that his party’s military intervention in Syria is designed to protect Lebanon from the threat of al-Qaeda-linked takfiri factions blamed for a string of deadly car bombings and suicide attacks in areas where Hezbollah enjoys wide support.

The Hezbollah chief, whose group has been fighting alongside the government troops in Syria, warned that if extremists gain control of war-torn Syria, the repercussions would be felt throughout the Middle East.

“If these [takfiri groups] win in Syria, and God willing they will not, Syria will become worse than Afghanistan,” he said.

“If these armed groups win, will there be a future for the Future Movement in Lebanon? Will there be a chance for anyone other than [takfiris] in the country?”

Nasrallah vowed his group would emerge victorious in the battle against these groups. “We are convinced that we will win in this battle; it is just a matter of time.”

He insisted the group’s presence in Syria was worth all the sacrifices made by his fighters and supporters in Lebanon, and appealed to his followers to be patient. “This blood, wounds, patience and perseverance are part of the battle, and yes, it is worth it so that we do not lose our land, so that our children are not slaughtered and our property stolen.”

“It is normal that some martyrs should fall … they [our enemies] lie and tell us ‘withdraw from Syria and we will leave you alone in Lebanon,’ but if these [takfiri forces] gain control over border areas with Lebanon, we will see even more car bombings.”

Nasrallah urged the Arab states to help end the 3-year-old war in Syria in order to prevent strife spreading to the entire region. Addressing the Lebanese and all Arab states, he said: “If you want to avert an endless strife in the region, stop the war on Syria and allow the Syrians to reconcile.”

Nasrallah also appealed to Palestinian factions to “prevent the exploitation” of Palestinians by groups fighting Hezbollah.

He said that some parties were trying to stoke hostilities between Palestinians living in refugee camps and their Shia neighbors.

“I tell our Palestinian brothers, it is not enough to issue statements condemning bombings because there are some who are trying to exploit the Palestinians to achieve their goals,” he said.

Nasrallah also said that his group and its ally, the Amal Movement, were the ones who made “sacrifices” to allow the formation of a new government by dropping their demand for a 9-9-6 Cabinet proposal.

“Partnership is needed in Lebanon; we support having a state and we support partnership despite the disputes,” he said.

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