Scottish union backs independence as its Support picks up

Scottish Union Backs IndependenceJNN 23 Feb 2014 Glasgow :  One of Scotland’s biggest unions has become the first to back the campaign for independence ahead of the country’s September vote.

National newspaper Herald Scotland, cited insiders as saying on Friday the Public and Commercial Services Union (PCS), which represents 30,000 civil servants in Scotland, will make the announcement at its annual meeting in Glasgow this week.

The agency added the announcement marks the first from a major union to unofficially back the YES-campaign, while providing a boost to the Scottish National Party’s (SNP) currency and economic plans,.

Union members will now poll workplace branches on whether the union should remain neutral in the debate or back a Yes- or No-vote.

Members of the SNP are also expected to present their case for supporting independence at the union gathering.

According to a new poll, support for Scottish independence has picked up, despite warnings that Scots would not be able to keep the pound if they leave the UK in the upcoming referendum.

According to Press TV, the poll of 1,005 people by Survation, published on Thursday, showed 38-percent support for pro-independence campaign, up from 32 percent in January.

Pro-union support, however, fell five points to 47 percent. Sixteen percent were also undecided.

The poll also shows only if a small portion of Scotland’s four million voters change their minds, the scales will tip in favor of breaking away from the UK after more than 300 years of political union.

The poll came after last week’s warnings by UK Chancellor George Osborne and the European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso, who said Scotland would lose the pound and its European Union (EU) membership if it votes for independence.

The Scottish National party (SNP) welcomed the poll, saying it showed that Scottish people had been turned off by the chancellor’s speech.

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