UAE Police officers involved in Prostitution & Sex Slavery

Abu Dhabi Police Officers Involved in ProstitutionJNN 27 Feb 2014 Abu Dhabi : Three Abu Dhabi police officers appeared in an anti-corruption trial after being accused of selling females detained for visa violations to pimps, reported the 7 Days Abu Dhabi newspaper on Sunday.

Three police officers are standing trial in Abu Dhabi on charges of running a prostitution den and bribing others to get them girls for their business.

The prosecutor accused one of them of offering Dh25,000 to an Asian defendant in return for handing him a woman accused of indulging in prostitution, the Arabic language daily ‘Al Bayan’ said.

The officer also offered to cancel legal measures against a number of offenders if the Asian man agrees to hand him the woman to work for him.

“The prosecutor accused the three officers of running a vice den, facilitating prostitution and encouraging that woman to practice prostitution,” the paper said.

It said the case involved five other Asians who were accused of taking bribe and forging official documents.

One of the police officers had allegedly received around $8,600 for trafficking arrested women, while two other cops, a male and a female, were accused of forging paperwork to hide evidence that showed police involvement in the prostitution scheme, added the newspaper.

A total of eight people were charged in the investigation.

“Corruption happens in every country in the world. We want to show we will deal with it in a fair, honest and open way,” a judicial department source was quoted by 7 Days Abu Dhabi as saying, adding that Abu Dhabi police was adamant in showing it was tough on corruption.

Denying involvement

According to the newspaper, one of the suspected officers had allegedly stopped women on the streets and asked them for the papers. Women who had overstayed their allowed period were taken to al-Shahama Police Station, questioned there without filling any paperwork, and then told that there was a way out before selling them to a Bangladeshi pimp, reported the Abu Dhabi-based newspaper.

Three Bangladeshis along with an Indonesian women appeared before the Abu Dhabi Criminal Court on Sunday, after being charged in association with the case.

All four suspects denied their involvement, and the Bangladeshis claimed they were assaulted during investigations by anti-corruption police officers, added the newspaper.


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