UK Female students entering Adult entertainment industry on the Rise : Study

Female Students Or StrippersJNN 01 Mar 2014 London : Rising numbers of Female university students in the UK are turning to the adult entertainment industry ( Striptease Dancers ) to pay for their studies, a recent study shows.

Research by Leeds University finds that up to a one third of strip club dancers are students, with most entering the adult entertainment industry to pay their way through a course

Rising numbers of middle-class university students are turning to stripping to make ends meet and find “excitement”, according to research.

Almost a third of strip club dancers are students, with the majority using cash earned in the evenings to pay their way through their course, it emerged.

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Research by sociologists from Leeds University also found that the adult entertainment industry was actively targeting students themselves for business, with clubs sending leaflets to undergraduates during freshers’ week to draw in a crowd.

The study claimed that students were now a “core supply group into the sex industries”. One northern city with two large universities had 12 strip clubs, it was revealed.

Researchers interviewed almost 200 strip club dancers as part of the study and found that almost a third – 29.4 per cent – were “engaged in some form of education”.

The disclosure follows a decision to increase the cap on tuition fees to up to £9,000 a year for the first time in 2012.

“The core reasons for entry into stripping by Female students were the high cost of higher education, the lack of availability of loans and support for vocational courses and the ability to combine stripping work with the demands of educational courses, due to the flexibility it offered,” said the study. “Even before beginning university, some dancers prepared for the high cost of higher education by starting dancing beforehand.”

The study was based on an analysis of strip clubs in two cities, one in the north and one in the south of England.

It was claimed that most students went into stripping for the money but some – particularly those from middle-class backgrounds – were motivated by excitement.

Speaking to Times Higher Education magazine, Teela Sanders, a reader in sociology, and one of the report’s authors, said: “Many of these dancers are from middle-class backgrounds – they are not coming from families where money is a big issue.

The study said some students were “drawn in by the initial excitement of engaging in a transgressive world, and the prospect of cash in hand on the night was considered a bonus”.

It added that there “was a definite tension between the ‘old school’ dancers who were there to earn good money… and the new, inexperienced younger women who had a range of motives for entering stripping”.

In 2010, British police dealt heavy-handedly with thousands of university students who were protesting against the government’s plans to increase tuition fees.

The students protesting against the changes in the education benefits and the three-fold hike in tuition fees faced the brutality of the riot police in London and other cities across England and Wales.

Their voices against tuition fees hikes were silenced with harsh police tactics including kettling in freezing weather conditions.

The 2010 British student protests began in November in several areas of the United Kingdom, with the focal point of protests being in London.

The initial event was the largest student protest in Britain since the Labour government first proposed the Teaching and Higher Education Act in 1998.

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