16 Pakistani Killed Dozens Injured in 2 attacks by TTP Terrorists , PML N Government Leading the Nation into Devil’s Trap

Islamabad Session Court & FC Personnel Van attacked By TTP TerroristJNN 03 Mar 14 Islamabad : Eleven Pakistani were killed and 25 others injured in a suicide attack at a district court in Islamabad’s sector F-8 by TTP terrorists ,while another blast took place near a Frontier Corps vehicle in Landikotal, Khyber Agency killing two FC personnel, Just a Day after the Tehreek e Taliban Pakistan Declared a ceasefire for a Month’s Time.

Islamabad District Court attack By TTP :

Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences’ (PIMS) Dr Altaf told the media that five of the injured, including three lawyers, were in critical condition. Islamabad Additional Sessions Judge Rafaqat Ahmad Khan Awan and a female lawyer were among the dead.

According to the PIMS list, the dead include: Additional Session Judge Rafaqat Ahmed Awan, senior advocate Rao Abdul Rashid, advocate Tanveer Ahmed Shah, advocate,Fizza Malik, Mian Muhammad Aslam, AIOU regional director Muhammad Riaz, policeman Akbar Umer Tariq, junior Munshi Talib Hussain, court staff Shabir, Haji Sanullah and an unidentified person.

The injured includes Raja Basharat, Waseem Iqbal, Mazhar Ali, Abdul Khaliq, Oun Azhar, Syed Obaidullah, Akmal Umer Tariq, Yasir Hameed Malik, Muhammad Hasnain, Muhammad Faisal, Nadeem Aziz, Mian Abdur Razzaq, Muhammad Bashir, Nisar, Faizan Mahmood, Muhammad Ishtiaq, Nisar Ahmed, Ch. Maqsood Akhtar, Syed Obaidullah, Qazi Rafiuddin, Muzamil Hussain, Amin, Nadeem, Madiha, Muhammad Miskeen, Asadullah, Easa Khan, Shakir and advocate Rai Azhar Hussain.

The injured were being provided medical treatment and police are investigating.

According to Islamabad SSP Dr Muhammad Rizwan, two young men entered the court premises. They hurled hand-grenades in the courtrooms and opened indiscriminate firing with automatic weapons.

Dr Rizwan said search operation was under way to clear the area, adding bodies and injured had been shifted to the PIMS.

Condemning the attack, Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) spokesperson Shahidullah Shahid announced that TTP was not responsible.

Police and intelligence agencies submitted an initial report to the interior ministry. According to the report, four armed men entered the court building and two suicide attacks took place. Firing broke out after the blasts and the other two attackers fled the scene.

The attackers were between 20 and 25 years of age.

Khyber Agency Attack By TTP :

While the second  incident took place in the Sadu Khel area of the tehsil.

“An improvised explosive device planted along the roadside went off as two vehicles of paramilitary Frontier Corps (FC) passed by, killing two soldiers and wounding six others,” senior local administration official Muhammad Tayyab Ali told AFP.

Analysis :

Apparently the Tehrik e Taliban Pakistan has disassociated themselves , from both the Incidents , but as it is quite evident from the Nature of Attacks , in which One is a Suicide Attack in the premises of the Islamabad District Court ,  while the other is a IED Blast on FC Personnel in KPK area , where except the Taliban or their allies , there are No such enemies , who can perform such acts of terrorism.

As Earlier Hours after the attack By the TTP terrorist on the convoy, carrying a polio vaccination team and security forces on Saturday in which 12 people were killed, the military said.

The Taliban said they would observe a one-month ceasefire to revive peace talks that failed last month. It also called on their allied Terrorist Groups to observe the ceasefire. A government negotiator told Reuters they were open to restarting peace talks as long as the Taliban and its affiliates honored the ceasefire.

The Pakistani Taliban, known as Tehrik e Taliban Pakistan an alliance of terrorist groups, says its target & Mission is to overthrow the Government of Pakistan and to Kill the Armed Forces of Pakistan who are the defenders of Pakistan as they call them the allies of Infidels and replace it with a state ruled by themselves under their Version of law which they call Islamic , But which is widely condemned, and declared Un Islamic by the Majority of Muslim Scholars, across the World.

As their Sponsors are the Saudi Monarchy and the Gulf Sheikhdoms , who want to acquire the Nuclear technology , which is Hard earned By Pakistan , and at the same time the Gulf Sheikdoms are of the view that the Prosperity and the Progress of Pakistan is not in their favour ,as if only even Gwadar Port of Pakistan gets the Center of attraction , then their Ports and Barren Deserts could not prosper. And to defend this Point of view they are funding Heavily the enemies of Pakistan , the Tehreek e Taliban Pakistan and their allies , to Keep destabilizing and creating chaos in Pakistan, And to Hamper its Progress , to keep it to its Knees and so it Keep begging them financial assistance to run the affairs of the state. While which is now not even given in any substantial size , as the last time Pakistan asked the Saudi Arabia to allow to give its Oil supplies on 90Days Deffered terms , which was even not accepted and was refused.

PML – N Nawaz Sharif’s Government which has been installed with the Blessing of Saudi Monarchy , as they feel that he is their loyal ,who has even once saved him from the gallows of death, so in order to Pursue his Loyalty as now this is his Pay Back time , P.M Nawaz Shariff is going head over heels to accommodate the treasonous Taliban Terrorists , who are the Killers of atleast 50,000 Patriot Pakistanis , which include the Brutal Killings of the Armed forces of Pakistan.

But as with the Changed New top Army Brass , who itself is from the family of Martyrs , Have taken a serious Notice of the Critical Situation , and have responded the terrorist in their Own Language and have started , Surgical Air Strikes , which has caused some losses to these terrorist Networks , so now they are trying to take some Time Out , so in the mean time , they can re organize and Re Plan their strategy to Hit Back ,with more Power , to create more Disaster , as the History it self is an evidence of such tactics of these Taliban Terrorists , whether it was Swat Peace Accord or any other Previous Peace Accord with them.

As the Patriot Pakistani Think Tanks have suggested that the Only way to deal with these terrorist groups , is and all out operation against them across Pakistan ,in order to crush them upto a level where , they should come to their knees , with their arms surrendered to the Patriot Armed force of Pakistan , and at the same time identify the locations of their allied Foreigners and their Hide outs ,so they should also be brought out of their Rat Holes , so they can also be deported back to their Homelands , so the Justice should also be done with them.

And our Sacred Homeland should be cleansed of the terrorism and the terrorist at the same time , and we can Once again start our Journey to become the Greatest Economic and Defence Power of the World.

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