Chinese Muslim Female Prayer Leaders Propagating Islam

Chinese Muslim Female Prayer LeadersJNN 10 Mar 2014 Beijing : In the central Chinese province of Henan, the scene of a woman leading prayers in a mosque for women only would not be a strange one. Continue reading


Wahabi “ Boko Haram ” attack’ in northeast Nigeria kills 29, says senator

Boko-Haram-attack-in-northeast-Nigeria-kill 29JNN 10 Mar 2014 Abuja : Wahabi Terrorist killed 29 people in Nigeria’s embattled northeast, an area senator said Monday, putting 2014 on track to become the bloodiest year yet in Boko Haram’s rebellion. Continue reading

Iraqi MPs launch move to nominate Ayatollah Sistani for Nobel Peace Prize

Ayatullah Syed Ali SistaniJNN 11 Mar 2014 TEHRAN – A group of Iraqi lawmakers have launched a petition to nominate Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani, a top Shia Muslim cleric, for the 2014 Nobel Peace Prize, the Iraqi daily Azzaman reported. Continue reading