Holy Shrine of Companions of the Holy Prophet Bombed by the Wahabi Terrorist in Syria

Holy Shrine of  Owais Al  Qarni & Ammar Ibn Yasir destroyed bty ISIL Terrorist , Raqqa , SyriaJNN 29 Mar 2014 Damascus : Wahabi Terrorist from an al Qaeda splinter group bombed a large Shi’ite Muslim shrines of Companions of the Holy Prophet , Owais Al Qarni , and Ammar Bin Yasir  in the eastern Syrian city of Raqqa on Wednesday, activists said.

The mosque of Ammar bin Yassir and Oweis al-Qarni was once a destination for Shi’ite Muslim pilgrims from Iran, Lebanon and Iraq before it was taken over a year ago by Wahabi terrorist battling to overthrow President Bashar al-Assad.

One photo posted on Twitter on Wednesday under the heading “the pagan Iranian shrine” showed extensive damage to the exterior walls and roof of the site, a turquoise and white complex of domes and minarets centered around a tiled courtyard.

Another picture showed concrete and twisted metal strewn on the street outside the mosque – built under Assad’s rule with support from Lover’s of Ahlulbait from Iran – while another showed an interior wall that had collapsed inward.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights monitoring group said the al Qaeda splinter group Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) had set off two powerful explosions at the mosque early on Wednesday.

Many fighters from ISIL and other radical Wahabi Terrorist groups in Syria , who are being sponsored by the Saudi Monarchy who have their own Ideology , which they claim it to be Islam , and the basic Principle of which is to deem every other Sect of the Original Islam as infidels and consider their Religious Places , including the shrines idolatrous, and therefore these Places and People are always their Prime targets.

Their attacks have stirred fears in neighbouring Turkey that the Wahabi Terrorist next target will be the tomb of Suleyman Shah, grandfather of the Ottoman Empire, which lies on the Euphrates river inside Syria but is guarded by Turkish special forces.

Ankara regards the tomb as sovereign Turkish territory under a treaty signed with France in 1921, when Syria was under French rule, and threatened earlier this month to retaliate for any attack on the mausoleum.

President Abdullah Gul said on Sunday Turkey would defend the site in the same way it would defend any Turkish land. “However the motherland is protected, that place will be protected in the same way,” he said.


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