4 Iranian Border Guards Abducted By Pakistani Terrorist Released, 1 Dead

Four abducted Iranian border guards freed, one confirmed deadJNN 05 April 2014 TEHRAN – The Pakistan-based Jeish Al-Adl terrorist group has released the Iranian border guards it abducted in early February in Eastern border region, informed security sources announced on Friday.

The five Iranian border guards were abducted in Jakigour region of Iran’s Sistan and Balouchestan Province on February 6 and taken to Pakistan.

“These soldiers have been handed over to the Iranian officials in Pakistan by Jeish Al-Adl terrorist group a few hours ago,” an informed Iranian security source, speaking on condition of anonymity, told FNA.

Jeish Al-Adl had also released the news of the freedom of the Iranian border guards on its website.

One of the border guards was killed by the terrorist group last week.

On Thursday, Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister Ebrahim Rahimpour confirmed that the border guards abducted along Iran-Pakistan border on February 6 “are safe and sound”.

“The kidnapped Iranian border guards are safe; there is no verified information to substantiate the terrorists’ claim of murder of one of the kidnapped soldiers,” Rahimpour said.

He underlined that the Iranian foreign ministry is seriously following up the case of the abducted border guards in a bid to secure their release.

Last Thursday, Iranian Interior Minister Abdolreza Rahmani Fazli cautioned Islamabad to adopt a more responsible approach towards the safety of the five abducted Iranian border guards, one of whom was killed by Jeish Al-Adl terrorist group this week.

“Iran will draw on all of its capabilities along its borders with Pakistan if Islamabad does not adopt a responsible approach regarding the five Iranian border guards recently abducted by a Pakistan-based terrorist group,” Rahmani Fazli told reporters.

He reiterated that Iran will consider it as its right to use all its might to release the Iranian border guards.

The Iranian interior minister called on Pakistan to take more “measured and principled” action with respect to such issues and observe its legal obligations regarding its neighbors under international law.

2 thoughts on “4 Iranian Border Guards Abducted By Pakistani Terrorist Released, 1 Dead

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  2. how come after denying “holding” the iranian soldiers,denial by senior pakistani govt officials, suddenly a miracle, the iranian soldiers were found on pakistani soil.Same applies to OBL, not on pakistani soil and US, of course did not believe a word said by the pakistanis! Can anyone ever believe a word said by the govt ?In the region , pakistan has become a pariah state.Pakistans only export to the civilized world is terrorists and terrorism.

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