Ex Pakistani President Pervez Musharaf survives another Assassination attempt

Ex President of Pakistan General Pervez Musharaf survives another Assassination attemptJNN 04 April 2014 Islamabad : Pakistan’s former President Pervez Musharraf, who is on trial for alleged treason, narrowly escaped an assassination attempt as a bomb went off shortly before his convoy was due to pass early Thursday, police said.

The bomb was planted on Musharraf’s route from an army hospital in Rawalpindi where he has been staying since January to his home on the outskirts of Islamabad and went off at around 2:00 am (2100 GMT Wednesday).

Nobody was injured and there have so far been no claims of responsibility.

“Four kilograms of explosive device planted in a pipeline under a bridge exploded around 20 minutes before the former president was supposed to cross the spot,” senior police official Liaqat Niazi said.

The blast occurred at the Faizabad interchange, which lies at the boundary of the two cities, and destroyed a footpath around two meters wide.

Niazi said the former president was then taken home via an alternative route.

Muhammad Naeem, a spokesman for the Islamabad police, confirmed the incident, saying a bomb disposal squad had cordoned off the area after the blast and searched for additional explosives.

“Nobody was injured in the blast,” he said, adding Musharraf was the intended target.

Musharraf, who led Pakistan from 1999 to 2008, returned from self-imposed exile in March last year to fight in general elections, but was barred from taking part and has faced a series of legal cases including treason.

The Taliban also vowed to send a squad of suicide bombers to kill him, and security threats have prevented him from appearing at all but two of his hearings.

It was the fourth attempt on his life, with the first three occurring while he was in office.

As the Analyst are of the view that the Ex President of Pakistan General Pervez Musharraf , who has bee In Absolute Power for almost 8 years as being the President of Pakistan , and at the same time being the Chief of Army , is being victimized by the PML – N Government , Just for the Personal Vendetta, while their Collaborators and Supporters , Taliban are also against him , as he has done Operations against him , and have never let the traitors of Pakistan , The Taliban breath easily during his tenure, as several successful Operations were being conducted against them , including the Lal Masjid Operation , which broke the Back Bone of these Taliban elements , as they have Made a Complete Plan of attacking Islamabad , But could not fulfill it because of his Wise Decision , so now they are His Daggers Drawn Enemies , and are trying to assassinate him .

It is also learnt from reliable sources that , as Pervez Musharraf who intend to go to see his Critically ill , Mother in Dubai , for which he has also put an application , to the Government also , to clear his name from the Exit Control List , So he can Proceed to see his Bed Ridden, ailing Mother , but as per One of the Demands of the Tehrik e Taliban that his name should not be cleared from ECL , his request for removal of his Name from the ECL , Was not  entertained , as it also shows and Proves that , who is Incharge of the Critical and Official Decisions in the Government Offices .

Once it was the Establishment , who was calling the shots , But now it looks that the meager 1.5 Billion Dollar Advance Paid by the Saudi Government has made even the Establishment at the Back Foot , as now the Taliban are dictating their terms to the Pakistani Government . As in the case of the Pervez Musharaf’s Name Removal from the ECL List is also not cleared on the demand of the Taliban.

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