Dictation or Negotiation By Taliban Terrorists , 7 Shia Martyred within 48 Hrs.

Shuhuda 1st Forth Night April 2014JNN 14 April 2014 Karachi : On the Holiest Day of theweek Muslims, Friday when Muslims gather to Pray together at the Mosques around the World , But the Worst Enemies of Islam Takfiri Terrorist targeted , another Shia Advocate S. Ghulam Haider s/o Zaheer Haider , 52 who was Martyred in the limits of Clayton Quarters , Jamshed Town , Karachi.

According to the details , As Due to Half Day of the office on Friday , Ghulam Haider was returning home around 4.00p.m, with his Female Sunni Sub Ordinate , as he use to Drop her on his way to His res , Near the Imam bargah Shah e Najaf , Martin Road , The Takfiri Taliban Terrorist , which must be following him , ambushed him , and about 6 Target Killers ,on three Bikes encircled him , and Opened fire on him , from Close Range , Due to which he was fatally injured , and embraced Martyrdom on the Spot . While the terrorist were fleeing the crime scene , on the way they also attacked the Security Guard of the Imambargah Shah e Najaf , and fired about 4 – 5 Bullets at him , but he luckily escaped Unhurt.

Haider received about 5 – 6 Bullets , out which 3 on his face and head area , and other on the ribs and shoulders , His body was shifted to the Civil Hospital , for Medico Legal formalities , after which it was shifted to the Imambargah Shah e Najaf , Martin Road for his funeral .

His funeral Prayers was offered on Saturday , after Zohrain Prayers in the Presence of a Large Number of Shia Community Members , His friends Relatives and the area People , while his Burial was done at Wadi e Hussain , Grave Yard , at SuperHighway , Karachi.

He has left 3 Sons and 1 Daughter , and a Wife in the Heirs.

He was an Advocate By Profession , and was working with Securities and Exchange Commision of Pakistan, as their Legal Adviser , and was also dealing in cases of Corporate frauds , which also include assistance to Federal Ombudsman & NAB , in some High Profile cases.

He belonged to a Dedicated Shia Family , and was a Religious Minded Man , as His Wife is also a Zakira ( Religious Orator ) .

He was already under Threat , as he had become cautious and was even planning to shift to Islamabad in a couple of Months.

On Thursday 10th  April , the terrorist of Taliban shot and Martyred a Shia Doctor in Karachi, police said.

Senior police officer Pir Muhammad Shah said that three gunmen riding a motorcycle ambushed a car in Gulistan-e-Johar, injuring Dr. Haider Raza. He was shifted to hospital, where he succumbed to wounds.

“It appears that the car was being followed by the assailants,” Shah added. It was the second attack in 24 hours in which doctors were targeted.

According to the details , He was Leaving The Dar ul Sehat , Hospital , after performing a Surgery,  he was targeted in front of the same Hospital. Another man accompanying Raza in his car was injured in the attack. His identity is yet not known.

Our sources have even told that he was a very Liberal Shia , and was not in any way extremist in his thoughts as His Father was a Shia Syed , while his mother was from Sunni Sect , and they have lived in Harmony , and there was no conflict in the family, and it did not stop there , as Haider even Married a Sunni Girl , and was living with her Happily , since their Marriage.

And therefore due to this fact that his first funeral Prayers was offered at the Imambargah Shuhuda e Karbala ,Sadaat Colony,  while the Second Funeral Prayer was offered at a Sunni Sect Mosque .

Jafaria Alliance and Pakistan Shia Ulema Council condemning the attack demanded an early arrest of the culprits.

On Thursday morning, in Gulshane Iqbal town a shia lawyer the  Vice-President of Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) lawyers’ forum was shot dead in the Gulshan-e-Iqbal area Thursday morning, News reported.

Identified as Waqar ul Hassan Shah, the lawyer was targeted when the same Bunch of Proclaimed Offenders , the Terrorist of Sipah e Sahaba Pakistan , an Off Shoot Banned Terrorist Organisation of Tehrik e Taliban Pakistan , riding motorbikes opened fire on his car, injuring him critically.

He later succumbed to his injuries on the way to hospital , and embraced Martyrdom.

Sindh High Court Chief Justice (CJ) Maqbool Baqar took notice of the killing and asked the Inspector General Sindh to submit a report on the incident.

Police claimed this was a planned attack and that the lawyer was shot three times, while the Bullet which hit his head crtically fatally wounded the Lawyer , due to which he could not survive and succumb to his wounds and embraced Martyrdom at the spot.

Waqar had left his house in a black Toyota Corolla and was on his way to the high court when the incident occurred.

According to the police, the attack seems to be a planned move.

The police sources, even confirmed that both the murders could have a sectarian angle.   His body was immediately shifted to Jinnah Hospital.

According to hospital sources, Shah had been shot in the head as well as in the chest.

Waqar Shah was targeted after reconnaissance, the police personnel said.

Karachi Bar has announced boycott of the courts to protest against the murder of Syed Waqar Shah. While Due to the continued target Killing of Two Lawyers and earlier Killings , the Lawyers Boycotted the Courts Proceedings and the activities of the Karachi Courts remained suspended for four days.

Karachi Bar Association’s secretary-general Khalid Mumtaz, while condemning the killing of Shah, announced a meeting of the general body of the association on Friday to decide what actions to take as lawyers continued to be targeted.

Police on Thursday announced a half-million rupee ($5,000) reward for those who would help police in arresting the culprits behind the killings of the lawyer, the doctor and the three students of the seminary.

A special investigation team was also formed comprising deputy inspector general of CID police to nab the killers behind those killings.

ON 09 April  A Shiite doctor was shot dead by Saudi-funded terrorist of Sipah-e-Sahaba in Federal B Area, within the limits of Yousuf Plaza police station on Tuesday.

SHO Muhammad Irfan Cobra told The Express Tribune that the incident occurred when the doctor, Qasim Abbas, 45, along with Dr. Kaleemuddin, came out of the clinic to go somewhere. “Two masked men on a motorcycle intercepted their car and opened fire,” he said. Abbas and his friend, Kaleemuddin, sustained several bullet wounds.

They were shifted to a nearby hospital where Abbas breathed his last while Kaleemuddin’s condition was termed stable. The officer revealed that several empties of 9mm of pistols were found from the site. He said it was premature to say if the incident was related to sectarian violence.

Pakistan Medical Association (PMA) Centre on Thursday strongly condemned the brutal murder of surgeon Dr Haider Raza and Dr Qasim Abbas in Karachi within two days.

An emergent meeting of PMA Centre and Karachi was held at PMA House Karachi which was presided over by Immediate Past President of PMA Centre Prof S Tipu Sultan. The meeting was attended by Dr Mirza Ali Azhar, Dr SM Qaisar Sajjad, Dr Muhammad Idrees Adhi, Dr Qazi Muhammad Wasiq, Dr Shaukat Malik, Dr Ahmed Bhimani, Dr Khalil Mukadam, Dr Serajudaula Syed, Dr Najum, Dr Shoaib Sobani, Dr Hamid Manzoor and other senior members of the association.

PMA deplored the brutal murder of Dr Haider Raza, a 50-year-old surgeon, who was Killed in Gulistan-e-Johar other day. It said it was the second unfortunate incident of doctors killing as a Homeopathic Dr Qasim Abbas, 45, was targeted and killed two days ago. PMA said that it seemed that government was not interested in providing security to the doctors and did not want to improve the law and order situation in the Province.

PMA said doctors were being killed in Karachi with continuity. Not even a single killer of the doctors is arrested. Despite operation in the city, the crime rate is not coming down but it is on the rise.

PMA demanded of the Interior Minister, Chief Minister Sindh, Chief Secretary, IGP, DG Rangers and all other state institutions to take an urgent notice and arrest the culprits.

Allama Mukhtar Imami, of  Majlis e Wahdat e Muslimeen condemned the target killing of Dr Qasim Abbas and 72 Shias in 2014,  and demanded arrest of the killers and exemplary punishment to them.

At least 72 Shias were on record as having been targeted and killed in these first three months of current year 2014. More than 100,000 Shias were killed in recent decades, starting with Zia era.

The actual numbers of anti-Shia killings was many times more high, as most cases are never reported.

According to Majlis Wehdat-e-Muslimeen (MWM) spokesperson, the doctor was a member of the Shia community and that the incident was a case of sectarian killing. He demanded the government arrest the culprits who were behind the killings of members of the Shia community.

On 11th April  Takfiri terrorists of banned Sipah-e-Sahaba shot martyred a Shia notable in Dera Ismail Khan, Khyber-Pukhtoonkhwa province on Friday.

Our Correspondent reported here that an eminent Shia notable Behram Khan Gadi s/o Ilahi Bux Khan was ambushed in Jhok Gadi Malekhi area of the Dera Ismail Khan. He embraced martyrdom on the spot.

Another Shia Man Ghulam Hussain Kashmiri embraced Martyrdom due to the targeted attack of the Takfiri Terrorist of Sipah e Sahaba Pakistan ,Just Outside of the Mosque

Our Correspondent reportedd that Ghulam Hussain Kashmiri and Ali were passing through the street of Haideri Masjid Ali Basti of New Golimar in Karachi when notorious  terrorists ambushed them.

Ghulam Hussain embraced martyrdom and Ali was injured due to sporadic firing of the terrorists. They were residents of the same area. Body of the deceased and the injured were taken to a government hospital. Namaz-e-janaza of the martyr was held after Friday Prayer at Jama Masjid Noor-e-Eeman Nazimabad.

On10 April 2014 Aanother Shia taxi driver embraced martyrdom due to firing of takfiri terrorists of banned Taliban near Parachinar on Thursday.

As per our Correspondent Mohammad Karam was driving his taxi when the Takfiri terrorists of banned terrorist outfit TTP (Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan) stopped him.

When the terrorists came to know that he was a Shia Muslim, they pulled him out and killed him by firing from Close Range. The martyr was resident of Jallandar area of Kurrum Agency, FATA.

On 9th April A Shia Man embraced martyrdom in a targeted attack by takfiri Taliban terrorists of banned Sipah-e-Sahaba in Lyari area of Karachi late on Wednesday night.

Our Correspondent reported here that notorious Takfiri terrorists of outlawed Sipah-e-Sahaba stormed into Memon Society Khadda Market area of Lyari. They opened fire upon Ali Bahar who sustained critical wounds and was rushed to hospital.

He succumbed to fatal wounds at the hospital. His Funeral Prayer was held at Bakhshoo Imam Bargah, Lyari, while His Burial was done at Ali Bagh Graveyard.

07 April 2014  Yazidi takfiri nasbi terrorists of banned Sipah-e-Sahaba shot martyred a Shia owner of a bakery in Karachi on Monday.

Our Correspondent reported terrorists of banned Sipah-e-Sahaba (now called ASWJ), Sister Concern of Lashkar-e-Jhangvi, stormed into al-Abbas Bakery in Hassan Colony and opened fire upon Anwar Shah, s/o Jafar Shah, 50.

He embraced martyrdom on the spot.  His Body was shifted to hospital for Medico Legal formalities , after which it was shifted to Imam Bargah Shah-e-Karbala Rizvia Society for his funeral Prayers .

04 April 2014  The Black Sheeps in the LEA , who are associated with the Taliban , Raided a Shia majority area of Federally Administered Tribal Area (FATA) of Pakistan ,and even fired Indiscriminately Unprovoked leaving one Shiite youth martyred and another injured in Parachinar on Friday.

As per the details due to unprovoked firing of LEA personnel, Shaban Ali embraced martyrdom in Ali Zai, Parachinar of Kurrum Agency. Kamal Hussain was wounded due to the firing.

Analysis :

The PML – N Govt is Head over Heals to Pay Off their Moral Debts , to the Saudi Monarchy , who has once saved the Life of their Loyal Servant from Hanging on the Nooose.

So now as every Possible effort is being done to Please them , and accommodate them , and No Matter , what ever be the Price Pakistan and Pakistanis have to pay , whether whole of the Pakistan is Dis Integrated or even the Whole Nation is Killed by the Taliban Terrorist . But Now it is looking that the terrorists are being strengthened by giving them all what they need to Implement their Devilish Plan , for which they have been working since the Zia’s Regime , and now they are hopeful that they are very near to fulfil their Dreams of Creating a state within Pakistan .

And it is not only the Civilians , as even the Pakistan Army has now even come up with their resentment over the Release of the Taliban Terrorist , in the Name of Peace , while the formal Negotiation has not even been started , while the Most favourable atmosphere is being created to accommodate the Taliban Terrorist , who are not only the Killers of atleast 50,000 Pakistanis , but area also the occupiers of the areas Like North Waziristan, and other areas of Pakistan , Instead of teaching them a Lesson with an Iron Hand and give them exemplary Punishment , that in future No such Group or Individual could even think of Raising their Head against the Integrity and Sovereignty of Pakistan .

As even if the Negotiations are even done with any terrorist Group , then they are even done with the Government in the Power Seat , Not on the terms where State is bent to a Limit to take Dictation from the Terrorist , who are the Proven enemy of the State .


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