Israel having Secret Talks with Saudi Arabia , Kuwait and other Arab Countries to have Diplomatic Ties

Lieberman, head of the far-right Yisrael Beitenu party, attends a Likud-Beitenu faction meeting at the Knesset in JerusalemJNN 17 April 2014 Jerusalam The Zionist regime is holding secret talks with some Arab states that do not recognize it, looking to establish diplomatic ties based on a common fear of Iran, Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman said on Monday.

Amongst the countries he was in contact with were Saudi Arabia and Kuwait, Lieberman told newspaper Yedioth Ahronoth – the first such disclosure by a senior Israeli official, Reuters reported.

Saudi Arabia denied having any talks with Israel. Kuwait was not immediately available for comment.

Both these states, along with most other Arab nations, have traditionally been highly hostile towards Israel, which has only signed peace deals with two neighbors – Egypt and Jordan.

“There are contacts, there are talks, but we are very close to the stage in which within a year or 18 months it will no longer be secret, it will be conducted openly,” added Lieberman, who is a far rightist in the coalition government.

Lieberman said he was in touch with “moderate” Arabs – a term Israelis often use for Wahabi states in the Persian Gulf and elsewhere in the Middle East that align with U.S. interests. He also said he would have no problem visiting Saudi Arabia or Kuwait.

A spokesman for Saudi Arabia’s Foreign Ministry said: “There are no ties or talks with Israel at any level.”

Yedioth paraphrased Lieberman as saying some new Israeli-Arab peace accords would be signed in 2019.

“I’m certain that by then we will have a situation in which we have full diplomatic relations with most of the moderate Arab states. And you can count on my word,” he said.

2 thoughts on “Israel having Secret Talks with Saudi Arabia , Kuwait and other Arab Countries to have Diplomatic Ties

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  2. Reblogged this on Liberalism is Trust Fucked with Prudence. Conservatism is Distrust Tainted with Fear and commented:
    Shiite is the last jackass to talk about dishonesty.
    Khameneiain’t use the Toilet without his masters’ permission in Tel Aviv. Khamenei is Obama’s favorite lapdog third dearest to his [Portuguese-Water-Dogs] Bo & Sunny.
    ✡Ahmadinejad [an Azeri distant cousin of Avigdor Lieberman Nightclub bouncer and former Israeli Foreign Minister] fooled the whole world to drive DC religiously to arm Israel to teeth. Ahmadinejad is missed by Stateless Urban-Rejects that steal and settle in the Holy Land as we speak. He fooled Washington fools for decade. ‘Wiping Israel off the map’ was good one and the “Nuclear bomb” stunt that he pulled to get Netanyahu elected twice.
    ✡Don’t you ever forget that Iran was the first country in the world recognized State of Israel before USA & UK 66 years ago? Recall that amidst mutual threats in 1980’s, Israel quietly sold Iran $5 Billion of US Arms. That’s why Iran gets the lion share of News Coverage on world headlines controlled by Zionists.
    ✡He ordered Iraqi Shiite to ship to Israel hundreds of billions of dollars worth of arms, weapons & equipment residues UHAULED from 88 US closed Bases in Iraq for free to Israel. Thanks to Ahmadinejad. He’s been good ally to Israel.
    Bahrainis ain’t adult enough to subsist. Democracy ain’t either child play or pushup it’s a Harakiri. Sunni and Shiite Bahraini ain’t Arabspringers they’re insulting Democracy. Sunni wanted Bahrain a Wahabi Mountaingoats Brothel and Shiite wanted Bahrain an Iranian-Bitch-State. DC deal with Iran to let Saudi ditch Bahrain and through its Kingling to the dogs. How about that?

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