Distributor of Anti Islam Film ” Fitna ” , Arnoud Van Doorn’s son also Accepts Islam

Son of distributor of anti-Islam film converts to IslamJNN 25 April 2014 Duba : The son of Arnoud van Doorn, the famous Dutch policy maker and distributor of an anti-Islam film Fitna that caused unrest in 2008, surprised the audiences at the three-day Dubai International Peace Convention by embracing Islam. Continue reading

PA, Hamas Signs Accord to end the Rift , agree to form National Unity Govt

PALESTINIAN-PEACE-US-GAZA-FATEH-HAMASJNN 25 April 2014 Gaza  : Rival Palestinian leaders from the West Bank and Gaza Strip have decided to form a government of national unity within the “next five weeks”, officials said early on Wednesday. Continue reading

Exploitation of Domestic Workers , AI demands cancellation of 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar

Domestic Workers Rights Group wants FIFA world Cup Cancelled in QatarJNN 23 April 2014 Doha : Amnesty International, the UK-based human-rights group, has accused Qatar for failing to protect migrant domestic workers, saying they are exposed to a greater extent of abuse than construction workers and are trapped by employers. Continue reading