Russia and Iran set to strike $10bn energy deal

Russian Iran Energy DealJNN 01 May 2014 Tehran : Iran and Russia are negotiating a power deal worth up to $10 billion in the face of increasing US financial alienation. The construction of new thermal and hydroelectric plants and a transmission network are in the works. Continue reading

IE users risk having their computers Hacked any time

Microsoft's Ineternet Expolrer HackedJNN 30 April 2014 New York  : A major security flaw affecting several versions of Microsoft’s Internet Explorer web browser was discovered over the weekend, and the percentage of computer users that could be compromised by the exploit is absolutely staggering. Continue reading

Twin Bomb Blasts at the Chennai Central Railway Station , India – 1 dead, 14 injured

Bomb Blast @ Chennai Railway StationJNN 1st May 2014 Chennai : Twin explosions took place in the Bangalore-Guwahati Express on Platform 9 of the Chennai Central Railway station at 7:15 am. The explosion took place in two bogies S4 and S5. Continue reading