31 Muslims Killed By Extremist Bodos in Assam , India, Army Deployed

31 Muslims Killed Army Deployed in Assam , IndiaJNN 04 May 2014 BARAMA: India deployed troops to the state of Assam on Saturday after 31 Muslims were gunned down in three days of what police said were attacks by tribal militants who resented the presence of immigrants from neighbouring Bangladesh.
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Malaysian Conference on “ Confronting the Shia Virus ” , Led to formation of Indonesian Anti Shia Alliance

University Sain MalaysiaJNN 03  May 2014 Kuala Lumpur : The past fall, the Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) held a seminar entitled “Confronting the Syiah Virus” (“Syiah” is the Malaysian word for Shia). At the event was Malaysia’s Home Ministry Security and Public Order assistant secretary Zamihan Md Zain Al-Ghari, who according to the Sun Daily said “there [is] an immediate need to stop the [Shiite] teaching[s].” The Anti Shia Alliance convention was held just a few short months later, and expressed similar viewpoints to those espoused in the seminar. Continue reading

Cuba’s First Mosque Approved

Ortakoy Mosque Model to be Built in Havana , CubaJNN 02 May 2014 Havana : The Cuban government has approved plans for the country’s first mosque after Turkey’s Religious Affairs Foundation (TDV) sent a delegation to Cuba to discuss building a place of worship for Muslims in its capital Havana. Continue reading

Yemeni Wahabi Cleric Converted to Shiism , Discloses the Secrets and Pillars of Wahabism

Yemeni Wahabi Scholar Dr. Esam Al-Emad  Converts to Shia SectJNN 02 April 2014 Qom : Based on an Interview conducted by Maw’ud monthly with Dr. Esam Al-Emad about the politico-cultural situation of the Shiites of Yemen. Dr. Emad belongs to Yemen and he used to be a follower of the Wahabi School of Thought but he has now converted to Shi’ism.
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