Saudi Wahabi Preachers issues Fatwa ( Religious Verdict ) ” Travelling Abroad Prohibited” , Causes Controversy within the Kingdom

Saudi Arabian Passports & Sh. Abdullah al-SuwailemJNN 07 May 2014 Riyadh : A Saudi Wahabi  Preacher’s religious edict, or fatwa, that prohibits ( Haram ) traveling abroad has caused controversy in the kingdom, with one Saudi columnist denouncing it as “extremist bacteria.” Continue reading

Burma Buddhists to Form Arakan Army against the Already persecuted Rohingya Muslims

Buddhist Arkan National ConferenceJNN 07 May 2014 ARAKAN – Meeting at a recent conference in Arakan State’s Kyaukphyu Township, Buddhist politicians, monks and community leaders have called for the creation of an “Arakan National Defense Army” that would Used against the state’s persecuted Muslim minority. Continue reading