Saudi Wahabi Preachers issues Fatwa ( Religious Verdict ) ” Travelling Abroad Prohibited” , Causes Controversy within the Kingdom

Saudi Arabian Passports & Sh. Abdullah al-SuwailemJNN 07 May 2014 Riyadh : A Saudi Wahabi  Preacher’s religious edict, or fatwa, that prohibits ( Haram ) traveling abroad has caused controversy in the kingdom, with one Saudi columnist denouncing it as “extremist bacteria.”

Sheikh Abdullah al-Suwailem, who is part of the Saudi Arabian Munasaha program that aims to rehabilitate al-Qaeda members held in prison, expressed “fear that whoever dies in the land of infidelity could go to hell,” in statements to the London-based al-Hayat newspaper last week.

“Travelling abroad is forbidden ( Haram )  in Sharia except in cases of necessity and with conditions,” he said.

The first of these conditions, he said, is that a person has to be “a strong believer” and has to have religious “immunity” so as not to fall for “desires.”

“Whoever fears for himself falling for what is forbidden, such as drinking alcohol, should not travel except in the case of necessity,” he added.

Sheikh al-Suwailem told the newspaper that “God does not love” it when Muslims live among “the infidels,” noting that traveling to other Muslim countries is “less undesirable.”

He told the newspaper that even going to non-Muslim lands for the purpose of education or for business should be avoided.

“Travelling to the land of infidelity for the sake of doing business or studies is forbidden except in extreme necessity.”

But Sheikh Ahmed Bin Qassim al-Ghamdi, the former head of Makkah’s religious police, told the paper that “travel has many benefits and advantages for all, including for the imams and the religious scholars.

“Travel broadens one’s mind,” he said, quoting a verse in the Quran that encourages people to travel and discover the earth.

‘Extremist bacteria’

Saudi columnist Badria al-Bishr likened the sheikh’s statements to “extremist bacteria.”

In an op-ed published by al-Hayat, Bishr wrote that Sheikh al-Suwailem’s comments were part of a “systematic attack on the King Abdullah’s scholarship program” that sends thousands of students every year to complete their higher education in the West.

She noted that the scholarship program is upsetting some hardliners in the kingdom who would rather see Saudis educated under their control.

In addition, she said, there are millions of Saudis, including officials and religious figures, who travel every year to destinations including London, Spain and Australia.

It should be noted that his statement is in clear Contradiction to the Hadith of Our Last Prophet Muhammad PBUH , that “ Acquire Knowledge , No Matter if you have even to travel to China for the Purpose” , while as it is proven that neither now , nor in the Past China was a Muslim state , and as it has been since ancient times , land of Non – Muslims ( Non Believers ) , But even then the Prophet said that for seeking Knowledge , One should not restrain him / herself from travelling Long distances , Such as China, as it is a Long Distance from the Land of the Holy Prophet , where he Lived and Preached whole his Life.

So in this Regard the Wahabi Clerics Fatwas ( Religious Decrees ) are in Sharp Contradiction of Islam’s Set Rules by the Messenger of God. Which clearly confirms that these Wahabi are Not followers of Islam and its set Principles , but even then Like to be called themselves as Muslims , As they are the Black Sheeps of Islam , Who Only want  to defame and Deface Islam . As their Ancestor did it .

3 thoughts on “Saudi Wahabi Preachers issues Fatwa ( Religious Verdict ) ” Travelling Abroad Prohibited” , Causes Controversy within the Kingdom

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  2. now that fatwa is going to cause unnecessary hardships to the wahabis in respect of their shopping trips, debauchery,alchohol and all known vices they indulge in.Not to mention the saudis are the top consumers of all the best alchohol and fine wines, which will dent the western worlds economy.

  3. Ignorant man! The Quote you mentioned about travelling to China for acquring knowledge is not HADIS, but a wise saying. Refer detail about it in the writings of Maulvi Kausar Niazi, the Scholar of Barelvis, who are your brothers. May Allah guide you to the straight path from the deviated path of extremism in religion and human worship. Amin.

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