Brits and Austrians Joining Takfiri Groups to Loose their Nationalities

Brits and Austrians Joining Takfiri Groups to Loose their NationalitiesJNN 10 May 2014 London : Austrians seeking to fight in the Syrian war will lose their nationality, Austria Press Agency said confirming reports regarding this matter Monday. Continue reading


Evils of Interest – Swedes Destiny, to Die With Debts

Swedes Will Die of Debt and Interest RatesJNN 10 May 2014 Oslo : Most Swedes with a home mortgage are doomed to die before repaying their debt, according to a study published on Wednesday by Sweden’s central bank. Continue reading

Beijing to NY By Train – China Plans to Connect the World with High-Speed Railway

China Plans to Burild Railways to US through Siberia  - Bering StraitsJNN 10 May 2014 Beijing : The idea of traveling between the United States and China without flying might seem ridiculous to virtually everyone, but if Beijing gets its way that’s exactly what will be possible in the future. Continue reading

Terrorists of ISIL Threaten to Kill Grand Shia Cleric ‘Ayatollah Sistani’

The Grand Ayatullah Syed Ali Hussain SistaniJNN 10 May 2014 Baghdad : The Takfiri Wahabi group, Islamic State in Iraq and Levant (ISIL) threatened to assassinate the Iraq-based Muslim religious leader, Grand Ayatollah Sayyed Ali al-Sistani.

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