Israeli Military Broke , Demands More US Aid

Israeli Military BrokeJNN 14 May 2014 Tel Aviv : The Israeli regime has announced plans to forego its next military drills due to lack of funds, urging Washington to inject billions more of American tax-payer dollars into the aggressive regime following its failed talks with the Palestinian Authority, Al-Alam reported.  Continue reading

Supreme Leader Dissatisfied over Economic ties and Rising Takfiri Ideology – Recent Pakistani PM Nawaz Shariff Visit to Iran

Pakistani PM Nawaz Shariff with Irani Supreme Leader KahmenaiJNN 14 May 2014 TEHRAN – Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei has expressed dissatisfaction over the level of economic ties between Iran and Pakistan, calling for measures to enhance bilateral relations.
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Syrians Victorious & Joyful on the liberation of Homs , Beginning of the End of the Aggression

Syrian & Assad Forces Enter Homs VicotiousJNN 14 May 2014 Damascus : The Syrian government was Saturday enjoying a symbolic victory as civilians began trickling back into the rubble of Homs’ Old City after the last rebels left under an evacuation deal, AFP reported.  Continue reading