US launched 80% of Armed Conflicts across the World Since WW II- Report

America the Devil's GroundJNN 17 May 2014 Washington : The United States has launched 201 out of the 248 armed conflicts in the world since the end of WWII, a new report says, adding that 90 percent of causalities in these wars were civilians. Continue reading


Algerian Wahabi / Salafists Oppose Construction of a Mosque By a Shia

Algerian Wahabi ClericJNN 19 May 2014 Algier : Algeria’s Wahabi / Salafist groups have opposed plans for building a mosque where Shia Sect Members can Perform their religious Duties without any hindrance in the North African country. Continue reading

22 Muslim MPs in the New Indian Parliament to look after the Interest of above 100 Million Muslims

Indian MuslimsJNN 19 May 2014 Muslim representation in the 16th Lok Sabha has hit an all-time low at 22. This is the worst in the history of Indian Parliament with the previous low being in 1957 when there were only 23 Muslim MPs.
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